Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yummy In Season Recipes and More!

Pure Food, Eat Clean With Seasonal, Plant-Based Recipes, by Veronica Bosgraaf  is a cookbook filled with yummy, in season, organic, good for you recipes. Veronica organized it by the month, to take advantage of seasonal produce. 

In addition to food recipes, this cookbook also includes various tips. What kind of tips? Well, natural pest deterrents, saving gas, edible flowers, gardening,  tips on natural cleaning, etc; she even has a lip balm recipe!

I love the way everything is broken down by the month. Some months she includes sample menus. For example in June she has Pineapple Sweet Bread for breakfast. For lunch, Hummus Pizza and Arugula and Wild Mushrooms (YUM!!). For a midday snack, Pineapple Cucumber Gazpacho. Then for dinner, Green Chile Enchiladas with Avocado Sauce and finally for dessert, Strawberry Ice Cream Pie! Now doesn't that all sound so good?!

 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Is A Fish Extender?

Ever heard of a Fish Extender? Well, here is an explanation...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun Ideas For Cards

Have you seen how expensive things have gotten lately!? Everything is so high now...especially greeting cards. I love to create, and have started creating my own cards. 
A friend of mine is getting ready to get married, and I wanted to make the gift look special, so I not only created a card, but also hung a Louisiana themed Christmas ornament I made from old guitar strings, on the package. 
Another friend of mine is moving...sadness...anyway I made her a necklace and then made her a card. These envelopes are very easy to make. I like to add cut-out flowers using a complimentary paper. For the actual card, I use opposite paper.

These are actually very easy to make...hmmm, maybe I should do a tutorial on this?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pipe Cleaner Ring Tutorial

Want Beautiful Nature Photo

John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography, is a book filled with over 250 gorgeous photos of the outdoors. This book explains how to capture magnificent pictures just like he does. He starts by telling you about all the different things there are to photograph. Mr Shaw proceeds with what type of gear you need, and then on to more details of the act of capturing those incredible nature shots. 

I love photographing everything, especially nature. I am a beginner photographer, and have had a hard time understanding my camera's settings. A lot of my beginner photography friends have the same issue. This book explains everything you need to know about settings and how to use them, and I will be honest, looking over them and reading about them in this book, I am still confused. But...I am a "hands on learner."  He does, though, tell you the settings he used to take each of these beautiful pictures. 

Mr Shaw does explain ISO, F-stop, depth of field, metering, shutter speed, and pretty much everything one needs to know; he goes over A LOT of stuff! But, as I said before, one needs to know their camera; in other words don't expect to know nothing and have this book help. You do need to know something about how to work your camera.

You will enjoy looking at the pictures though! I plan to set this book out on my coffee table for people to look out.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mom! It's Me!

I grew up in a house full of girls. My dad was the only male with three daughters and a wife. Even our dog, Bridget was a girl. 

Daddy use to call every day during his lunch break to see how things were going. During the summers, when we were all home, he had to talk to us for a bit before he knew that it was not Mom. He could never tell us apart.

Funny thing is, us girls grew up and had a mess of boys...except the one bonus girl...who happened to be my second child.  Anyway, whenever I call home and all the boys are there, I think I know how my daddy felt. I, too have to carry on a little conversation before I can figure out who answered the phone.

Do you think that ever goes away? Well....let me tell you a funny story that happened today....

I was shopping for a swimsuit for my grand daughter. I saw two I really liked, but was not sure as to the size to purchase. You see this suit is for the end of this summer, which still is several months away. I called my mom, and we had a conversation on the size. I also described them both to her and she told me which one she thought would be nice. I told her I would call her when I got home. 

Ten minutes later, my phone rings....note I am still at the store. It was my mom. Confused, I answered the phone and she started talking to me like we had not spoken today. Then she proceeded to tell me that my sister called and was at the store buying a swimsuit for my grand daughter. I was a little puzzled. Now, I know that sometimes us girls in the family tend to do very similar things and pick out like stuff, but I really found this very odd. Mom described the two suits that "my sister was having a hard time choosing between." She told me that they discussed the sizes too.

I had to laugh...!

"Mom! Mom, that was me you were talking too." Mom then says, "Oh funny, you are looking at swimsuits too? Tracey has a pink one with a tutu....." Pretty much she related our conversation back to me, thinking it was between her and my sister. I continued to chuckle.

Finally, I got her attention, and told her...again..."Mom, that was me you were talking to." Silence on the other end.....And then she started to crack up. We both had a good laugh.

So, no, I guess it will never go away. 

Anyway...this is the one I finally decided one...since my grand daughter's mom (my daughter) IS a dancer...