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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January is Glaucoma and Cervical Cancer Awareness

Happy 2020 to everyone! It is my hope that you and your family find 2020 a great year!

TappingflamingoBling plans to concentrate on some very import things this year, and that is awareness.

There are so many conditions that people suffer from, and a lot of them, most of us have either never heard of or have no idea what they really are. This is why I want to focus on these things.

For the month of January, I want to bring more awareness to two things..

Cervical Cancer


January is the awareness month for both of these conditions. 

Cervical cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix which is the lower part of the uterus that connects the vagina. It rarely affects women under the age of 20. Women between the ages of 35 and 44 are at highest risk. More than 15% of women diagnosed with cervical cancer are older than 65. This is why it is so important to continue to have regular check ups, including Pap smear, as this is how it is found. 

Glaucoma is something I had a bit of a scare with a few years ago. It is a condition that damages your eye's optic nerve. It will get worse over time, and it tends to run in families. Glaucoma is something you usually get later in life. Basically it has to do with pressure in your eyes. Intraocular pressure damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve is what sends images to your brain...so yes, you can go blind.

What are the signs? If you see halos around lights, your peripheral vision is diminishing, redness in the eyes, tunnel vision, hazy eyes or vision loss are some of the symptoms. Glaucoma cannot be cured, but it can be slowed down.

Fortunately, high pressure in my eyes is something that runs in my dad's side of the family, but has nothing to do with glaucoma. I was very relieved to learn this. 

To bring more awareness to these two conditions, and other conditions, TappingflamingoBling has crochet bracelets from wax cording in the awareness colors. 

Green is the color for glaucoma awareness...  

...and teal and white is the color for cervical cancer awareness.

These bracelets and other awareness bracelets are available on my TappingflamingoBling Etsy shop

They are adjustable to fit most wrists and waterproof! So...you can swim, bathe or go to the beach in them. You never have to take them off, if you don't want.

If there is something that is close to our heart that you would like to bring more awareness to, just let me know! I'd be glad to make you one in YOUR color. If you need multiples, I can do that too, just let me know....

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!
and New Year!!!!!


Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Diabetes is something we are all somewhat familiar with. But how familiar are we with hypoglycemia? 

Did you know hypoglycemia can actually be fatal? Yes...it can cause accidents, injuries and even put one into a coma, all of which could end in death. Hypoglycemia is also a risk factor for heart attacks, falls, fractures and even dementia! 

When I was well into my second pregnancy, I began to have episodes of light headedness, being shaky, a cold clammy feeling, irritable, and extremely hungry. 

I can remember sitting in the doctors office feeling as though I was about to pass out. It was around Halloween, so they had candy at the front desk for people to take. Someone noticed how pale I all of the sudden got, and gave me one of those candies and some water. It helped a little, me until I could get something more healthy to eat.

I did mention these episodes to the doctor, but was basically told to make sure to eat more regularly. This is typical for pregnant women to go through, and that was pretty much all that was said.

After I gave birth, I continued to have these experiences. I noticed it was becoming more and more common, and usually when I was due to have my next meal. 

I finally mentioned it to my doctor again, and after a few tests and communication, he told me I had hypoglycemia. I didn't know much, except that it was the opposite of diabetes. 

Diabetes is when your blood glucose (blood sugar) is too high. This is your main source of energy and comes from the food we eat. Insulin is a hormone made in our pancreas and helps the glucose from food to get into our cells for energy. 

Hypoglycemia is quite the opposite...caused by a very low level of glucose or blood sugar.  It can be a precursor to diabetes....and that made me very nervous. The doctor informed me that is not necessarily true...which was a relief, but still a little concerning.

So...what do do about it? 

Throughout the years I have had these hypoglycemic episodes. I was usually out and about with my kids. I would start to feel those cold sweats, shakiness, weakens and headache. I remembered the little bit of candy that made me feel better, so I would grab a Snickers candy bar until I could get me something more healthy. I found that something with a lot of protein was the best, like a hamburger I could grab real quick from Burger King or some other place close. I mentioned this to the doctor and he told me that was the worse thing I could have done (the candy bar).

The doctor went on to tell me, that even though I don't have diabetes, I could still go into a diabetic coma, and that sugar is the worse thing for me. The hamburger was probably what saved me each time.

He then proceeded to give me a special diet to follow. Boy, was it ever a lot of food!!!!! He told me I should be eating three small meals a day and two to three snacks...spreading everything out through the day. Things like eggs, meats, green veggies were on the menu. It was a nice healthy diet...something we ALL need to be eating even if we don't have blood sugar issues.

Growing up, I never knew anyone with diabetes. Today, I know quite a few! Over the last 30 or so years, diabetes has been on the rise. 

Why is that?

It all has to do with our lifestyle. We are more sedentary, and we eat horribly. Sadly, it is more expensive to eat healthy, at least at the grocery store level. If you think about it, paying more for a healthy diet, will save you money in the end. With less doctor's visits and medication, that is where the savings comes in. So, why not spend the money for healthier food, instead of spending it on medical bills. 

Educate yourself! We live in a world where we can Google just about everything. Why not educate yourself and be more aware of diabetes and hypoglycemia and prevent yourself and your family from these horrible conditions. 

Did you know, as a diabetic, you can go blind? You can have issues with your feet, even so bad that you could loose them? Heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and nerve damage are other things that can arise, so it is important to try to avoid diabetes. 

I want to bring out more awareness of diabetes and hypoglycemia, and the complications that can arise from them. More awareness as to how to avoid, or, if you have been diagnosed, how to live a healthy life with it. 

Friday, December 27, 2019


On May 4, 2020, my husband and I will celebrate 37 years of marriage. Thirty-seven wonderful years!

During these 37 years, we have raised four children and moved all over the country. From Utah to Tennessee, then to Florida for a very short time. Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky and back to Louisiana...spending an average of three to five years in each place. 

As empty nesters, it looks as though we are now pretty much settled here in Louisiana...at least until we retire. Never thought we would be here this long, but we are going on six years, more than any place else. 


With all this moving, we have accumulated a bunch of stuff...crap...basically. There has been a stack of boxes I have needed to go through shoved in a corner, for a while. Actually, this weekend, that was on our to do list. 

Why do I mention these boxes? Well...this morning, I was getting ready to go pick our dog up from the groomer. I had just washed and dried my hands. There was still a bit of water under my rings, and, as I walked by these boxes I was rubbing the water out from under them.

Then...my clumsiness shown through; my wedding ring, along with another ring I wear with it, popped off my hand, into the air and into one of those boxes. 

Panic set it! I stopped and looked around. Nothing! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Did I just do that!?!?!?! So, now what!? I have to leave now to get Sox! *sigh*

Well, as I began to leave the room, I noticed the emerald ring on the floor. I quickly picked it up and put it on my finger, and looked around for the other ring. Nothing... *sigh*

I left to get Sox, but when I came back, I started to rummage around the boxes, hoping the ring was on the floor. I really didn't think it was, because I remember hearing it drop, and that sounded like it was in a box. There are probably about half dozen opened boxes. 

Overwhelmed, I stopped and thought for a few minutes. There were some plastic grocery bags laying on top, maybe it is in one of them. I went through them all, and no luck. 

Then I did what I should have done immediately when this happened. I prayed. I told Heavenly Father what happened. I know He knows, but I also know He wanted me to tell Him, and talk to Him. I told Him how important this ring was. I also thanked Him for the Holy Ghost, and the guidance we can receive from spirit...whether it be big or little things like this. I also told Heavenly Father that I know He knows here it is, and then asked for Him to help me find it. 

I heisted before I got up off my knees. When I got up I looked at my mess, and was wondering where to start. I started with the biggest box, which is the one I thought I heard the ring drop near or into. 

Nothing! *sigh*

Then I went through another box that had been near the first one. 

Nothing! hmmm...now what?

I then spotted another grocery bag laying on the floor off by itself. When I picked it up it felt strange. I opened it up and saw nothing, but it was still weird feeling. I started to smooth it out and I could feel something, but really couldn't quite figure it out. 

I got the feeling it was my ring! I kept smoothing and smoothing the bag, but still nothing. Then, all of the sudden I could feel it. My ring was all tangled in a corner of the bag. So easy for it to go unnoticed and trashed.


I have always known that prayers can be answered, big things and small things. Sometimes it might take a while and some effort on our part to get the answer. In my experience, I had to go through several boxes before I found my ring to be in a very small corner of a bag. A place that could have easily been over looked.

When we need answers, sometimes we need to take a little more time, and look for the answers in unexpected places, and in unexpected ways. Sometimes it might take awhile. Heavenly Father knows when the best time for us to receive those answers. It is our job to be patient with Him and to trust Him and to listen.

Friday, November 15, 2019

The Big Reveal!

This is the last part of a three part series.
I participated in a special bead swap, and this write up is all about the creations I made with the beautiful beads I was sent from Heather Canepa

If you want to get caught up, first, go here to see what I sent Heather. Then go here to see what she sent me. 

Anyway....on with the show...

Ok, so the first thing I did was just handle all the pretty, colorful agate.

 I love to make earrings, and so, I decided to make a bunch of them.

Then, I decided to do a little bit of wire wrapping to make a necklace, mixing all the beads I got.

Next, I decided made some pendants, using some more wire wrapping techniques.

The last thing I came up with was this wire crochet necklace, again, using some of all the beads.

So, there you go....
My colorful creations made with the beautiful agate sent to me by my partner, Heather Canepa
Thank you, Heather!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Recycling a Broken Fake Pumpkin

Recently, I went into my attic to bring down the fall decorations, and when I opened one of the boxes, I found a giant broken (fake) pumpkin. 

I also noticed a bag of terribly wilted looking silk fall leaves, and some ribbon.

I started to toss them into the trash, and I thought...."Wait a minute! Aren't you the one who likes to recycle?" So, instead I decided to make something with this "trash."

First, I tied a bow with the ribbon.

Then I pulled the leaves and flowers off the stems.

Gathered up my glue gun and sticks.

And sat down and started to play around.

I first glued the ribbon onto the half pumpkin.

Then added the leaves 

and flowers.

I think I need to add some more....

Now I have a pumpkin on my front door...

Friday, November 1, 2019

More Bead Swapping...

This is part two of my bead technique swap challenge. Click here for part one, which is what I sent my partner, Heather Canepa. Today, I want to show you the pretties Heather sent to me!

In a variety of gorgeous colors!

Here is a closer look...

These are dyed and look like faceted carnelian

and then we have these dyed turquoise green colored agate

and then we have pink! Tappingflamingo loves PINK!

Aren't these Heishi beads pretty?

and here we have some goldish colored agate.

As soon as I opened these up, my mind started to go to work. I have had a lot of fun creating with these beautiful beads, and can't wait to show you what I've created....

Stay tuned....

Friday, October 25, 2019

Time for Another Bead Swap

Yes, another one!

This time it was to be a bit different. Arlene Dean, at Bead Soup Cafe, paired everyone up, as all other swaps, but this time we were to document our progress...and one other thing...

We were to learn something new. We were to challenge our partner, in other words, help them learn something new.

I was paired up with Heather Canepa, who is a very talented seed beader. Yes, that's right a SEED beader. You know, those itty bitty, teeny tiny little beads?

When I first found out I was in panic mode. I've tried seed beading before, but my eyes and my hands, with all their issues, will NOT allow me to work with seed beading.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do use SOME seed beads, but not like Heather does. I'll be honest, I really don't know how she does it. It is just amazing.

So, any who....Heather and I contacted each other, and I learned that she too, was in a bit of panic mode. You see, she is LOVES seed beading, and just does not like working with anything but seed beads. 

hmmmm....so, what to do.

One other thing I forgot to mention, we were given color palettes to choose from to use to pick out what we send our partner. After talking to Heather, I decided to send this color combo.

Aren't these gorgeous colors!? So, here is what I sent...

Since she likes seed beads, I decided to send her some in the color palette

Remember I said I don't work with seed beads much? Well, I have used them in making things like this, so I decided to send her this link. 

I then went through my stash of charms and sent her a sampling. 

So, here is where the challenge came in. I love to work with seashell fragments, and I also love to work with recycling old guitar strings into pretty things...including jewelry, ornaments and keychains. I sent Heather some old guitar strings, wire and a seashell fragment that I wired up for her. I'm hoping she does something with them and her seed beads.

I threw this ribbon cording in. Figured she might like to use it for a necklace or something. 

Then one last thing...I wanted to sent her a little gift. I make adjustable bracelets, and decided to try to make one with little beads. I didn't use the itty bitty beads Heather uses, I used E-beads...the are just a little bit bigger. This is the first time I tried it, and I really like how it came out. I hope Heather likes it. 

I had fun putting everything together for Heather. I'll tell you about the beauties she sent me in my next blog. 

Stay tuned.....