Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mismatched Earrings?

A couple years ago, I listed a couple pair of earrings on my Etsy Shop, and they hardly got any looks. I think I was a bit ahead of my time....

I had remembered back in the 1980's, that mismatched earrings were pretty popular. I had a gut feeling that they were about to make a come back, but apparently, I needed to wait. In 2016, according to Vouge, mismatched earrings hit the runway. 

Today, when you search the internet for mismatched earrings, they are EVERYWHERE!!!!

So....What do you think? Have you worn mismatched earrings? Would you wear them today? Personally, I think they are pretty cool. Very much a statement piece. I will admit, some of the mismatched pair of earrings I have seen are a bit over the top, but the mismatched pair of earrings that are not so in your face, I like. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Package Presentation

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about things we receive in the mail. When you order something online, do you pay attention to how it is packaged. I mean, we all know how important it is make sure your purchase is safe and secure when going through the mail. I'm really not talking about that so much as I am talking about presentation. 

As time has gone on, I package my orders differently. When I first started out, I wrapped them in pretty tissue, tied a ribbon around it, put it into a bubble mailer, and it was off.

Lately, I've been making these pretty Hobo Drawstring Bags (as I have named them) to put my orders into. They also go out in a bubble mailer. 

Sometimes I use organza bags, but whatever I do use, I like to keep the theme going.

How important is it to have a pretty package? Do you like the pretty presentation? Or does it really matter? There are a few ways to look at this question and answer it. 

1. When someone takes the time to make your purchase look pretty, I feel that they really care about, not only their product, but you....the customer. YOU are important enough for them to take the time to make your purchase, from them, look pretty.


2.  On the other hand....packaging materials and time is money. Somehow this is all incorporated into the price. You know those pretty turquoise Tiffany boxes with the white bow? So pretty...and you know exactly what that is....a piece of fine jewelry from Tiffany's. You also know that whoever bought that spent some bucks on it.

3. When I get a package in the mail, and I open it up and see something nicely presented, I get excited. It's like I am getting a present....a gift!!!!  

So, how do you look at something you ordered that has a beautiful presentation? Do you say to yourself, "Cool I got a present!" or "Wow! I'm important enough for someone to spend the time making my purchase look nice." Or.....do you say something like, "Wow! I wonder how much that cost?" lol

I'm just curious as to what you think. I enjoy making your purchase look nice. It is a way for me to say, "Thank you for your purchase from TappingflamingoBling."

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lanyard? or Necklace? YEP! BOTH

Most of us work at a place where we have to wear some sort of ID. A lot of the times those lanyards are ugly. Sometimes, we have pretty ones, but they really don't go with our outfit. I invented a new idea....a Necklace/Lanyard!

This seahorse necklace and earring set is also a lanyard. See the hook? That is where you put your ID. Now, if you wanted to wear it just as a necklace, you can! The hook hangs behind the seahorse and can't be seen. If you wanted, you could easily take the hook off, but no need, since you really can't see it. 

This piece is made of faceted glass Caribbean blue beads I found while in Puerto Rico. I bought the silver tone seahorse in Puerto Rico too, but not the seahorses on the earrings. I did not add a clasp to the silver tone chain for easy on, easy off.

Do you like Mermaids?

How about this Necklace/Lanyard?  The silver toned mermaid hangs with an Amazonite disc. Amazonite beads, turquoise glass beads and crystals lay with the pearlized glass beads along the necklace. I added a silver tone chain, and there is not clasp on this, so easy on, easy off. Of course matching earrings compliment this piece.

Here is a real funky piece. I made this one for ME, and plan to wear it on the next cruise I go on. It will be perfect to wear at the beach or pool. I plan to wear this as a necklace and lanyard. I made this by crocheting hemp cord and hanging a few oyster shells, and then wrapping and shredding the cord for a boho look. Again, no clasp, easy on, easy off!

I actually plan to make several Necklace/Lanyards for my next cruise. One to match every outfit. If you are interested in any of my handcrafted cruise and beach inspired jewelry and accessories, hop on over to my shop, TappingflaminogBling.

I also have a Youtube Channel, Instagram and Facebook page that I hope you check out.

Have a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fishextender Gifts and Copyright Laws

Guitar String Keychains from 
A lot of you know what Fishextender gifts are, but some of you do not. Fishextender gifts are basically a group of people on a Disney Cruise that exchange gifts. I first heard of this when we took our first Disney Cruise in 2015. It was a lot of fun, and we continue to get gift exchanges going on other cruise lines we sail on.

So what do people give as gifts? Well, just about anything...from jewelry, to candy, to first aid kits to puzzles and ornaments and keychains.

Mardi Gras Style Beaded Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

On our last cruise, our group decided to bring something that represents the state with which you live. I made these Beaded Mardi Gras Themed Keychains, and everyone LOVED them. 

Fishextender Keychains 

We are getting ready for another cruise in a few months, and my mom is going to give these pictured above as gifts. Since she lives near the Disney area, and we are also leaving from that area, she thought they would be perfect. I made them for her to give out.

Louisiana Themed Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

I thought about making these Louisiana Themed Keychains pictured above, but then I thought of something else that I plan to share later.

Cruise Themed Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

Something that I would like to share with you has to do with copyright laws. I see a lot of online shops that carry Disney themed gift ideas. This is a huge no, no...unless you have permission from Disney. 
Disney Themed Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

I'll be honest with you. I thought that if you bought, say, fabric that was sold by Disney, that you could make something from it and sell it. Nope, legally, you cannot. You can make something for personal use or as a gift for someone, but you cannot sell it. OOPS!  Time to rethink my fish extender gifts. For the most part the keychains in the photo above are fine, except the Mickey ears. So, I redid them.

Princess Themed Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

I took the mouse ears away, and now I have strictly Princess Themed Keychains. This is ok, as Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Princess and the Frog are all public dominion. Now when I list these on my shop, I have to be careful not to use copyrighted names. 

Fleur de Lis Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

So, next time you go searching for anything that is copyrighted material, be careful. Try searching for items in a different way, as there are a lot of fun creations that are not coming up on your search, because they are not using copyrighted names. Search for "Cruise Fishextender Gifts." Or "Princess Themed Gift Exchange."

Patriotic Themed Keychains
from TappingflamingoBling

TappingflamingoBling has all kinds of fun sets of keychains and other gift ideas on  Etsy.  I've even made beaded dreadlocks that are great to wear in your hair for a pirate party or just to have the island vibe in your wardrobe. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Matching Jewelry For My New LulaRoe Carly

I have a friend of mine that started selling LulaRoe about three years ago. I fell in love with a lot of their clothing. My favorite is the Carly dress. A few weeks ago, I learned that my friend was going out of business, because she is graduating from graduate school and will be working full time in her new career. She will not be able to put the time into LulaRoe. I was pretty sad when I found out, but then I was happy, because I got some good deals.

I received some money for Christmas, and decided I wanted to get some new clothes from my friend. One of the things I was able to snatch up was a Disney Carly Dress...something I had had my eye on for quite sometime. 

I loved it, and knew I wanted to make some jewelry that would go with it. I rummaged through my stash of beads. The first thing I came across was a blue ceramic sun disc. Perfect! I knew I wanted some white, yellow and red beads, but really was not sure as to what kind of beads. As I was digging around my stash, I came across some white beads that are made from shell. I knew that is what I wanted, then I saw the carnelian beads. Carnelian is not a pure red, but has a bit of orange. It was a perfect match to Mickey's shorts on my dress. Then I remember I just got some labradorite, which is a blueish gray. I looks nice agains the light blue/gray background of the dress. Now, all I needed was some yellow. I found some really pretty gold/yellow crystals. For the finishing touch, I added a Mickey charm to the disc. I put together a pair of matching earrings, and I was set.

I love making pieces of jewelry for specific outfits, and I enjoyed wearing my new ensemble yesterday to church!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Have You Ever Ordered Anything From Etsy?

I know a lot of us have. There are so many neat things over there! If I ever need a nice, unusual gift, Etsy is the first place I turn too. 

Bubbles & Mermaid Guitar String Ornament
from TappingflamingoBling

There is something about Etsy that does bug me, and I really don't know how to correct the issue. It is not really Etsy's fault, it is just something that has happened over the years.

Natural Beaded and Chain Wire Wrapped Shell Necklace
from TappingflamingoBling

Let me ask you this....when you have purchased something from an Etsy shop, and someone compliments you, and asks where you got it, what do you say? I am as guilty as the rest....I would venture to say that your answer would be, "ETSY!" Well, that would be an incorrect answer. Etsy did not design and hand create that pretty little necklace you are wearing. An artisan that has a shop through Etsy's website did. 

I am blogging about this, because it was brought to my attention. I can't believe that I never even thought about it. I have my own shop through Etsy called, TappingflamingoBling. When someone purchases one of my creations, I hope that they tell people that it came from TappingflamingoBling, not Etsy.  Well, I mean you can still reference Etsy, but say something like, "Oh, thank you! I got this piece from TappingflamingoBling who has a handmade shop through Etsy." Or...."TappingflamingoBling designed and made this piece. She has a shop over on Etsy."  

Wedding Cake Keychain Pulls
from TappingflamingoBling

Most of us who have online shops depend on the word of mouth. There is so much competition out there, that it is really hard to be seen sometimes. 

Glass Bead and Crystal Wedding Memory Wire Bracelet
from TappingflamingoBling

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and reading my blog. Maybe we can all help those shops on Etsy by giving these very talented artisans credit.

Princess Keychains/Bag/Lanyard Decorations
Great for Fishexteder Gift Exchange
from TappingflamingoBling

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Recently, I was asked to join a group of ladies to play Bunco (I grew up with it being Bunko). I am really excited about this group, as most of them I sorta knew through church, but not very well. I am excited about getting to know these wonderful ladies better!

So, here is how it goes in the group. Each month, we take turns being in charge. We have the option of hosting the game at our homes or forgoing that and picking a place to meet for dinner. We also bring a gift to exchange. This month the lady that we will be visiting and playing in her home decided to have a theme. I think that is a great idea...to have a theme! One problem....the theme is "Uncommonly Common Sense." Love the theme, but the only things is....I am allergic to fragrances.

I tend to keep a cough and rash. I have battled this for about 15 years. About five years ago, I finally went to a specialist. I was told that I was allergic to a plethora of things, mostly ingredients found in cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, colognes, detergent, soaps, cleaning products, and the list goes on....! Pretty much everything! Fragrance was at the top of the list. Fragrance is in EVERYTHING!!!!! Go look through these products in your home and try to find one that does NOT have fragrance in it, lol.

Okay, what does this have to do with a group of ladies having fun and playing Bunco? Well, the gift exchange. This is not a blog of complaining, but a blog of some ideas!

I mentioned to the group what I was allergic to...candles, lotions, sprays, etc, are going to be a no go for me. One of them said to think outside the box, and so I did....

If you have read any of my blogs, you probably already know that I make jewelry. I decided to make a piece for this gift exchange. Living in Louisiana, most of these ladies are LSU Tiger Fans. I decided to make a diffuser Tiger Fan necklace. Of course, I will give a little sample of my favorite essential oil, Doterra Wild Orange.

This necklace is made from Terra Cotta Clay I rolled out and stamped with a "tiger" paw. After baking it, I then hung it onto a beaded hemp cord I crochet and attached to silver colored chain. This piece can either be worn as a necklace or hung on your rearview mirror.

I love thinking outside the box. Unless any of them follow and read my blog, I don't think they will expect something like this for Uncommonly Common Sense. Do you have any other ideas for a gift in this descriptions?