Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, January 16, 2015

I Will Return!!!! Soon....

Have had a very busy several weeks! Sold a house, bought a house, went to NC, had a grand daughter, went to KY, moved, now in TN and getting ready to head back to Louisiana to move in to our new home. Needless to say, have not had much time to work on my blog. Not to mention, my new computer died, so now I am using my mother in law's. 

Anyway, as soon as my computer is back up and running, and we are all moved in (not necessarily settled in), I will be doing some blogging about my adventures.

In the meantime, ya'll stay happy, healthy, and safe....

Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's Like Pinterst In A Book!

The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas by Carley Roney is a set of small books with some big ideas! They remind me of Pinterst...it's like having Pinterst in a book.

Two of my four children have, in the past three years gotten married, and these books would have been fun to have. Some of the ideas were pretty elaborate for my taste and budget, but I think it would be easy to tone it down a bit.  The ideas in these books got my creative juices going. 

The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas would make a great gift for the newly engaged couple to help plan their wedding.

"I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Friday, January 2, 2015


Now that it is 2015, everyone is making new resolutions. As for me, I am going to keep it simple. 2014 was a rough one, but it ended VERY well.  We finally sold our home, found one that we love and got an excellent deal on, and I became a grandma for the first time. Can't get much better than that!

Usually you hear of people wanting to lose a bunch of weight, or maybe they want to quite smoking or something like that. Some want to get more organized...there are a ton of things that people set goals to do. 

Many of these goals are great, but usually by the end of the first two weeks, most have forgotten about them, or failed, and then just give up.

I don't want to be one of those who give up after a few weeks, so I have given my New Years Resolution some thought. Yes, I need to loose weight, no, I do not smoke, but I do bight my nails...I could quit that. As far as getting organized, well, I will be moving into a new home in a few weeks, so, that is pretty much a given...something I HAVE to do...so that probably does not count.

So, what have I come up with? I plan to be the best me I can be. I want to be the best wife, best mom, and best grandma. I want to be the best sister, and friend. So, what I need to do is look for opportunities to serve, opportunities to listen, just to be there for people sometimes is enough. There are so many out there that just need someone that will listen. I need to have a smile on my face more, and to weed out negativity in my life. 

You know what? I am probably going to fail, but that is ok, I need to just pick myself back up, and start again.

So, good luck to all of you who are setting new goals for the new year. Don't give up. If you fail, then try again. 

Here's to all of us improving ourselves!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Ouch! My Feet Hurt! Not Anymore....

Growing up in Florida, one tends to run around barefoot all. the. time!!!
If you started to put your shoes on, that usually meant you were going somewhere. 

As a child, I went to many dance classes; tap, ballet, jazz were the classes I took. When I started college, I decided to major in dance and go into dance therapy. Not only tap, jazz and ballet, but ballroom, clogging, modern, and folk were among the many classes I took. I was even on the Valhalla Modern Dance Team at Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho), 

and then when I went on to BYU, I danced with the International Folk Dancers. 
All this abuse on my feet eventually lead to A LOT of foot problems. Bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, and bunions were the things I suffered from most. 

Walking barefoot was no longer an option for me. Even the little bit of standing in Pilates KILLED my feet. Have you ever walked on sharp rocks? Well that's EXACTLY what it felt like.


Birenstocks became my shoe of choice, and I wear them all the time!!! Sometimes the pain is so bad, I have to wear them when I get up to go to the bathroom at night (sorry, I know, too much info).

Lately, I have noticed my feet don't hurt as much. I can even walk around barefoot. Something I have not been able to do for a good 15 years!

I think the reason for this, are the supplements I have been taking. I told my friend who's family has been taking these for a while, and she said that her husband, who suffers from plantar fasciits has found that his feet do not bother him anymore since taking them.

So, what are these supplements?

Doterra's Long Life Vitality, or LLV. 

When I first learned about LLV, I thought they seemed a bit pricey, but upon investigation, they really don't cost that much.  Before I started taking these, I tried other high quality supplements and they were about $100/month. wooooo! 

The LLV recommends that you take 4 capsules of each (there are three bottles) daily, but I just take 2 each (because I am very sensitive to any type drugs, supplements, etc), so these last me two months. You should take them with food. For under $80 a month (two months for me since I only take two), I have high quality supplements. If you sign up to get them automatically shipped, then it is less. 

If you are interested, let me know. Or....if you have tried them and love them, tell me your story....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Looking, Looking, Looking...

Now that we have a contract on our house....FINALLY..., we are looking, looking, looking. There is just NOTHING in this area. Well, there are houses, but a lot of them are not in good areas, and ALL of them are way too HIGH!!!!
I love open floor plans, and would love to have that, but I don't necessarily HAVE to have one.
We don't have to have a place for the pool table, but we sure will miss it....does anyone want to buy it from us? 
We don't have to have a lot of land, just enough for a small garden and for grandkids and Sox to be able to run around.
One thing we do NEED and want, is storage. My husband loves to work in the yard and do all the repairs himself, and, therefore, has a workbench and tools, etc. Seems not many houses here even have a garage, let alone a workbench type area.
We love to barbque and entertain outside, so we really would like to have a nice backyard.
Painting, is something we can do, and so is taking down wallpaper, even though I HATE it. Seems like every house we look at has acres of 1970's or 1980's wallpaper....blah!!!
Things are so $$ here in Monore, and it's hard to put my mind around the fact that I'm going to have to give up my nice, updated, big home for a small, very dated, run down home, which cost $70,000 (and higher) more. 

Well, gotta go look at some more houses.....bye!

Monday, December 15, 2014

What is Christmas All About?

Christmas is not about the presents, or the tree. It's not about the shopping and all the hussle and bussle that comes from it.
It's not about all the yummy food and decorations.

It's about a very simple Gift given to us by a loving 
Heavenly Father.
It's about the Christ child...
about sacrifice, 
about love..

I hope you enjoy this brief video
that has been beautifully put together by
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.