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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Great Book For Healthy Mom and Baby

What To Eat When You're Pregnant is a weekly guide that will help support your health and your baby's development while you are pregnant. Sure wish I had had this book when I was pregnant (which was over 21 years ago).

I was very curious about this book, since I am starting to have grandbabies. After looking at this book, I showed my daughter in law, and she was impressed. Nicole M Avena, Phd,  author, has put this book together so that it is easy  to understand and read. She starts out by explaining why it is so important to eat well during this time, and takes you through the key nutrients you need. Part Two is broken up into three areas...The First Trimester, The Second Trimester, and The Third Trimester. Week by week, you learn what is going on with your and your baby's bodies, and what nutrients are key during this time....and!!! there are recipes! There is also a food  for the week. This particular food is high in whatever is needed during this stage in your pregnancy, and Dr Avena explains why.

After your baby is born, Dr Avena then explains about what you will be going through, your hormones, and how to loose and maintain the weight gained during this time.

 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

The Big Day Is Just About Here!

I can't believe it's been over a week since I had my thumb surgery! So glad it is over, and I'm getting back to normal. Still not making much jewelry, but I can at least wash and fix my hair by myself....well, sort of...

Speaking of making jewelry....I made several pieces before the big day, and I'm really glad I did. I have actually had several orders this past week and very happy about that! Thank you for your support.

Yesterday,  I dropped the last package off and asked when would be the last day to mail in order for one to receive by Christmas. I was happy to hear that that day is....


So, you  still have a little more time....this weekend. I still have a few Christmas earrings, ornaments, and not so much Christmas stuff over there too.

Crochet necklaces, lanyards, earrings, Terra Cotta Diffuser necklaces, are some of the other stuff I have over there. So, if you are still shopping and are at a loss as to what to get for certain people, then I hope you go check out my TappingflamingoBling Etsy shop.

And if you are all done, then that's ok too. Just prop your feet up, sit back and enjoy some hot chocolate.

Oh! And stay tuned next year for some new stuff. I still have to have one more hand surgery after Christmas, so hoping by mid January, I will be able to create some more bling. I already have some beachy type beads and cannot WAIT to get started!!!!!

Hope everyone stays safe over the holidays. Have a wonderful Christmas and a VERY happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Recycled Greeting Cards

Paliolithic History Blog Hop

Leah Curtis of the Beady Eyed Bunny blog, is hosting a blog hop...a historical one. The time period?


So what is that you might ask? Well, it is the time period that man began. From his earliest introduction to earth until about 12,000 years ago. Yep, that was a looooong time ago! Here are a few little facts about this period of time:

Paleolithic comes from two Greek words--Palaios; meaning old, and Lithos; meaning stone. So, Paleolithic pretty much means Old Stone Age.

People during this time were mostly hunters and gatherers, which meant that they roamed around a lot. They needed to do much traveling in search of food. Their primary food source came from wild animals, birds, fish, wild fruit, nuts and berries.

The Paleolithic period was divided into three different time frames; Lower, Middle, and Upper. Upper being the most recent, and also the time frame of which my creations represent. During the Upper Paleolithic period, people started to draw, and make sculptures. Shells, copper, clay and wood were more popular during the Upper Paleolithic time. Other materials used at this time were bones and ivory. Clay was used for sculpturing statues.

Now to introduce my pieces.

My first piece is made from something I actually got from my last cruise. It was a freebie from one of the shops...a bamboo necklace. I just took it apart, added some shells and there ya have it! Something I might actually wear.

This next piece I handcrafted using Terra Cotta clay. I love my essential oils, and so I knew I wanted a piece that I could diffuse them on. I love the sun and the ocean, and I figured that since the people of the Upper Paleolithic time ate fish and used shells, they were most likely near the water, and of course there is always the sun, it's everywhere.

During this time, too, copper was used to make tools, so I used copper beads in this necklace. I dropped a shell and sea turtle bead to hang on the clay sun pendant, and also used glass beads that had the colors that were probably pretty common during this time. All this is strung on hemp cord, maybe that could represent sinew that was used a lot for hunting purposes...or...who knows,  they may have had this type of material like the cord I used.

Well, I thought I was done, then I remembered one of the pictures Leah posted on her blog about this hop. It was a beautiful cave painting of a bison, and it was PINK! If you want to see this cave painting it actually is in a cave in Spain known as the Cave of Altamira; Bison in the Great Hall of Polychromes.  I love pink, and wanted to do a piece that represented this painting, so.....here it is!

A memory wire bracelet! I love memory wire. They are comfortable to wear, and most anybody can wear the same bracelet, since they are so adjustable.

I used brown and cream colored wood beads, copper beads, shells, and various glass ebeads made of browns, green, clear and pink. Then I added the final touch of pink crackle beads.

So, there you have it. My rendition of the Upper Paleolithic Period, well, the modernized version of that time period. I hope you like. Now go check out the other creations from this hop...

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Facebook Participants:
Laura Bailey Taskey

Saturday, December 5, 2015

More Memory Wire Bracelets and Guitar String Ornaments

The other day, I had a friend ask me about my Etsy shop. I showed her some of my creations, and she really liked the memory wire bracelets. Then she asked me if I could make her one in neutral colors. She specified browns. I told her I'd love to do a custom order for her.

This is what I came up with...brown, beige, clear, green and off white beads of glass and wood. I also added some shells.

My friend then asked me about my guitar string ornaments. She had seen them in my Etsy store and really like the look.

There were a few she really liked, and wanted to purchase several for some of the people she works with.

Since I had some of the ornaments already listed on my site, I went ahead and "reserved" them for her until she could get home and order them.

These ornaments are very unique, and everyone seems to really like them. Over the years, I have collected all types of ornaments for my children. I also collect ornaments for myself, and I know a lot of people who do the same. These unique guitar string ornaments would be a great gift for those who collect ornaments.

I love to create all kinds of fun jewelry and ornaments. I hope you go check out my shop. Maybe you will see something you like. I will also do custom orders...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jewelry That Compliment Each Other

A bit on the grainy side, I know...sorry, but I just finished this glass bead chain necklace. It is blue-turquoise in color, and I dropped a silver tone flower pendant off this beautiful chain. As I was getting it ready for it's photo shoot, I noticed that earrings that I had sitting close by matched nicely. I don't usually like to wear matchy matchy jewelry, just things that compliment each other, and I think these two pieces do the job.

The  earrings are made of paper. Yes, paper. They are very light weight and fun to wear. I plan to put both these pieces into my Etsy shop after Thanksgiving. I promise, better pictures will be posted of both the necklace and earrings.

I have put together a video of several pair of earrings that I will slowly be putting onto my shop. These are on that video, so if you want to pop on over there you can see more what they look like and get a more accurate size. Just click on the above highlighted words.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Links to Some Cool Projects

DIY Dreamcatcher from Crafty Leftovers
It's always fun to use what you have lying around for a new project, and this dreamcatcher uses a mason jar lid, some yard and beads for a cute and meaningful craft.

Get Diamond Eight Today
Connie's posted Diamond Eight, the next section of the free 2015-6 SAL from Connie Gee's Designs.


Art Bead Scene
Take a peek at the beautiful palette that Heather has pulled from this month's challenge to inspire you!

Beaded Lanyards
Terry shows some of her new lanyards from her Etsy shop. These fun pieces have a duel purpose, not only can they be worn as a lanyard, but also as a long necklace, short necklace or bracelet.

Crochet a Flamingo
In this video review, the Crafty Princess looks at a crochet pattern for acute flamingo named Gordon.

Color Scheme Creation
Three popular online applications for creating a color scheme. Fine tune one, create one from an image or just have fun playing with color.

Beading Arts
When you've made a fancy necklace, sometimes you just need to pair it with a really super simple little pair of earrings....Come learn how to make them in about 10 minutes!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean reviews a how to book of quick to knit, soft and fluffy, chic and fabulous cowls!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Diffuser Jewelry

Well, my computer is back in the hospital yet again...and I am trying to post on my iPad. Next time I am in the market for a new computer, remind me to get a Mac...


This post is about what I have been working on for my Etsy shop. I have been using essential oils for several years now. One reason I started using them is because I learned that I am allergic to so many lotions, fragrances and cosmetics. I love the way essential oils smell, and so I add them to my fragrance free body lotions. I have had several of my oil friends ask if I can make diffuser jewelry. That...is what I have been working on lately.

Well, I would post some pictures, but I can't figure out how to do it. I have to get an ap, and I don't want to do that, soooooo....hop on over to etsy.com/shop/TappingflamingoBling and check some more stuff on my Treasures by Terry Facebook page.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Love My Essential Oils!

Okay...I just want to share something that I love....my essential oils!

Have you ever taken a wiff of any type of essential oil? I have, and boy, do they smell good! Since being introduced to these oils, I have collected quite a few. Anything from ylang ylang to bergamot, to Frankincense and Myrrh...yes, Frankincense and Myrrh! Two of the things that the Wise Men brought to baby Jesus so many years ago.

What do I use them for? Well, I would love to sit down and tell you. Just a couple of the things I use them for are cleaning my home and in cleaning my body.

I love to mop my wood floors with vinegar and a drop or two of lemon oil. I love to use different oils in my fragrance free lotions. Since my doctor told me to stay away from perfumes and other fragrances, and I like to smell good, I have converted to using essential oils. Did you know that Wild Orange Essential Oil is called the "happy oil?" Well it is....

True story....
A friend of mine was sitting in the doctors office. A little boy kept going up to her and talking to her. His mother told the little boy to leave the lady alone. Then he said to his mother...."But she smells like sunshine." My friend was wearing Wild Orange Essential Oil.

Did you know you can cook with certain types of essential oils? Yep, but they have to be a certain grade for that. Not any ole essential oil you get from the store has that claim. In fact, you do NOT want to cook with those, because they are not pure.

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, and how to clean your house, or cook with them...among other wonderful things, let me know. I would love to share....

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Trunk or Treat

Tonight is our annual church Trunk or Treat. Since I dressed up like a pirate for our recent Disney cruise, I decided to go with that theme.
Here's a picture with my youngest sister and Goofy and I as pirates. I plan to wear the same outfit, except probably not the sweater...it is suppose to be in the mid 70's tonight.
I was stumped as to what to do about decorating our van. I really did not want to go out and buy a bunch of stuff. I remembered that we have a very old trunk. Maybe I could use that as a pirate chest. Only thing is, I don't want it to slam down on anyone's fingers or other body parts. I decided to use a beige sheet I had that looks like sand and put that on the floor of the back of the van. Then I draped an off white afghan over the back seats. I put the closed trunk in the back and draped a "fishing" net I had and then threw Mardi Gras beads on it (living in Louisiana, one always has plenty of Mardi Gras beads).
I remembered I had a bunch of Beanie Baby fish and sea creatures, so I grabbed those along with a broken wood fish mobile I had, and "tangled" them into the net, and hung the fish around the back of the van.

I made a banner using nautical theme scrapbook paper. When I get there tonight, I plan to put more beads around.
I'm all set! My daughter in law will be helping me out. My husband is coming too, but really doesn't want to dress up, so I am just going to have him wear his red and black stripped shirt and jeans. I might get him to put on a scarf or something.
Even though all our little ones are now big ones, we still love to hang out with the children and hand out candy. In our new neighborhood, we won't be getting many trick or treaters because all of the neighborhood kids and grown up and moved on. So this will probably be our only chance to hand out candy this year.
Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween! Stay safe and have fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Eight Days on the Carnival Sunshine part 5 Grand Turk

Fun Crafty Links!

Here are several links from some of my crafty buddies. Hope you check out what they have been up to....

Two New Patterns
Connie's added two new patterns to her Etsy shop and she is also running a sale there--find out the code to use to save!

Bewitching Halloween Card
Eileen shares directions for a cute Halloween card featuring witch layered die cut embellishment from the Silhouette Design Store as well as tips for hand lettering.http://theartfulcrafter.com/blog/bewitching-halloween-card.html

Halloween Skirt for a Little Girl
Sometimes improvising does not go that well, but it all turned out OK when Sarah decided to make a Halloween skirt for her daughter out of scraps from another project.

Ice Cream Yarn Review!Who doesn't like ice cream? What about ice cream yarn?

Jade Knotted Bracelet
This free bracelet tutorial is a good beginning level project or just a good quick one for anyone who loves colorful beads.

Beading Arts
Cyndi just can't get enough of the color turquoise, and she is sharing a tutorial on making a soft wrap cuff bracelet using her (current) favorite color!

Snap out of it, Jean! There's Beading to be Done!     
Jean reviews Fast & Easy Earrings, 100+ Projects, by Erica Swanson. The book is loaded with earring designs from tons of your favorite artists. You will love the inspiration you'll get to begin creating your own beautiful earrings!

Christmas Is Close At Hand
Here are a few gift ideas Terry has put together for an individual on her Christmas list. These gift ideas should get your creative juices flowing for some on your list...whether it is for Christmas, Birthdays, Graduations, etc...                

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Button Jewelry ideas

I know a lot of people who like to collect buttons...mostly antique buttons. So, what do you do with all your buttons. It's kind of hard to display them all. Well how about making something with them....

If you read my blog lately, you have seen these. I took inexpensive buttons and made a bouquet out of them. By using floral wire and stacking different color beads on top of each other, you can come up with some nice combinations. I've even see some beautiful bridal bouquets made of button flowers. I know this blog is entitled Button Jewelry Ideas, and that is not a piece of jewelry, so let's move on to what this writing is all about....
Several years ago I was involved in a blog hop where we exchanged buttons and then made something out of what we received. I received a beautiful set of antique buttons that I immediately fell in love with. I knew I wanted to make a pair of earrings with lace and this is what I came up with.

Speaking of earrings, here is another pair of earrings I made with white buttons and yellow glass square beads and turquoise round beads. I added a large copper jump ring to make a very fun pair of earrings to wear. You will notice I like to use a lot of mixed colored metals. This way you can wear them with all your jewelry.
A lot of times, you can find theme buttons, like these bats. Wouldn't they be fun to wear during Halloween?

Now the next piece I would like to share, took some time to put together, but I love it!

It's easy to find a big container of different size white buttons for a pretty reasonable price. For this piece I used old telephone wire, but you could find colored wire at your local craft store. After wire wrapping all the buttons, I attached them to chain with jump rings.
This last piece is really easy! Just take a piece of elastic and sew buttons on to it. This would be a great piece to do with your kids to teach them how to sew on a button...then they would have something fun to wear.
Well, I hope this got your creative juices flowing. There are so many fun, simple things to do with buttons. You should give it a try.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Annual Danse Macabre Blog Hop

Danse Macabre? What is that you may ask? It is French for Dance of Death. No matter our position in life, whether you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, part of a large family or single, we all will eventually pass through this life and move on to the next through death.
I will be honest, when I first learned of this blog hop, I was taken back, but as I did my own investigation of the meaning of Danse Macabre, I found some beautiful music that went with it. Here is the link for it. I actually recognized the music and, as a dancer, picture the movement that one might see with this piece.
Death is not something to look at as negative or scary or evil....it is just part of life. Personally, I do not feel that death is the end of it all. In my heart I know that it is a continuation of this life, so I try to make the most of mortal life. Sure there are times during our time on earth when things are not that easy, but these are tests that we all have to go through. In the end, as I dance down the road toward my post mortal life, I look forward to seeing friends and family that have moved on. It will be a great reunion, and this is what I see as the Danse Macabre; all of us dancing for joy in being together into the eternities.
Now, on for my pieces that I have made for this First Annual Danse Macabre Bog Hop...
I found this beautiful silver toned skull and crossbones with all the bling on it and fell in love.
I knew that I wanted this to be a sparkly piece, so I looked for some crystals to go with it. I found some read, black and smoky colored crystals that I loved, and decided to use spacers that had an antique silver tone to them. Since I love the ocean, I flanked the skull with sea turtles. This gives is more of a pirate look.
Then I remembered a closure I already had, that had some more crystals on it. I knew this would finish my necklace off perfectly.  
I also decided to make one other thing...with an owl. I have heard that the black cat and the owl are a witch's companions. Have you ever heard the screech of an owl? Well, it sure sounds like the cackle of a witch, so that is probably why an owl is associated with a witch at Halloween. 
Anyway, here is my owl thing....
an ornament! Made of old guitar strings!
After looping the strings around into a circle, I wrapped them with silver colored wire to keep the strings in place. I then added the owl bead and garland. Doesn't he look like he is sitting in a tree?
I hope you enjoy my Danse Macabre pieces. I would like to thank Lee Koopman of  Strega Jewellry for hosting this event. now go see what all the other talented ladies made...

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Afternoon Doterra Trim Shake

Peeling Wallpaper -v- Peeling Sunburned Skin

Since mid-summer, I've been taking down wallpaper...ugh

Anyway, as I am about to finish taking it down from my craft room, I am reminded of the many times I have peeled skin after a bad sunburn. Come on, I know most of you have done that...and probably got some kind of satisfaction with it.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that taking down wallpaper is a lot like peeling skin....let me explain....

Let's start before we get sunburned. Usually, we head out to the pool or beach, or wherever because we want a tan (sometimes, we may get too much sun because of work or sports). The first thing I do when taking down wallpaper is spray HOT, HOT water on to it. I look at this as getting too much sun. Soon, the wallpaper, just like our skin has become damaged, and starts to separate from the wall (body). Now the skin (paper) is easy to peel away, and we start doing just that, removing the skin (paper).

At first we can usually get a big piece. This can be pretty exciting...then...
ooops! We get too deep. This is not good...not when we are peeling our skin, or wallpaper off the walls. This is probably why it is not a good idea to peel your skin.

A lot of the times we get to a point where things get a bit tedious, and we get frustrated....
That is until we get another big piece. Somehow that motivates us to start peeling more.
I do not recommend peeling your skin. It can actually cause a pretty bad infection. You really need to leave it alone. My dad told me that same thing about taking down all the wallpaper in our house. I did not listen. Besides, wallpaper is a bit different than one's skin. You can do some permanent damage to your body, but with the walls, you can fix the damage done there.
So, next time you want to peel some skin, don't! Go find someone that needs help with taking down wallpaper....
Those results are a lot more satisfying...


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stay Tuned For My Etsy Shop

For the past....YEAR, I have talked about starting an Etsy shop. Between moving, a tornado, and endless issues with my computer, I have yet to get that done.
This past weekend, I had my first craft fair....a huge failure! The weather was great, the other vendors were very nice, but the venue was not advertised, and no one really knew about it. No one did very well, and all of us went home very disappointed.

After I got home and started to unpack my stuff, I started to think about what next? Do I do the fair in a couple of weeks? The booth fee is really high, and not sure how the weather is going to hold out. Last year this time we had just had a tornado, and October in this area can be pretty rainy sometimes. We have not had rain in WEEKS, so we are due for some. Not sure I want to chance that. But what do I do?
Wait a minute!!!! My esty shop!!! Yep, I need to do that, NOW! I need to put my Christmas earrings and ornaments on there! So, I am in the middle of doing that. Hoping by the end of next week I will have it up and going. So, be on the look out....
I'm sure I will post about it when it is up, and ready for ya'll to shop....
Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Christmas Is Close At Hand

At the craft fair the other day, I had a Christmas tree up and decorated with some of my guitar string ornaments.

A lady looked over at the tree with a sigh, "I don't even want to think about Christmas right now. Let's get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first," she replied.

I'll have to say, I do agree with her to a point. I quickly replied to her with, "Did you know there are only 10 more Fridays before Christmas?"

She paused and then said..."Oh....Now I'm a bit stressed."

Yep, only 10 more Fridays. This got me to thinking about all that I have got to do, and one of the things I need to do is mail packages. First, though, I have to get the gifts to go into the packages. 

Here is one gift I have come up with....

The person I'm thinking of with this gift is very conservative. She is a beautiful woman, and dresses very simple, so I started out with this scarf that I made. I think she will like the colors.

Then I decided to make her this wood bracelet. Not sure of her wrist size, I figured a memory wire bracelet was the way to go. 

She doesn't like heavy earrings, so I made her these crystal and paper bead earrings. I hand wrapped and triple dipped them in a special glaze so that they are water resistant. 

Last thing I decided to throw in was this Ladder Necklace I crocheted.  The colors are conservative; navy, white, green and brown. It is also adjustable!

Now she has several pieces she can change out. I don't expect her to wear all these pieces together, although the earrings and Ladder Necklace go nice together, as do the scarf and bracelet together.

I wrapped it up and tied a bow, added one of my beaded guitar string Christmas ornaments, and now it's ready to put in a box and ship off.

The next gift I have to figure out is for a guy. Girls are so much easier to give gifts too....