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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chop, Chop

Well, I did it. I've been debating this for a long, long time, and I finally did it. Yes, I chopped off my hair...6 inches...

I've always had pretty long hair. Growing up in the 70's I had the perfect hair. Long and straight! It was pretty thick back then, too. I grew up with two sisters, and all of us had long hair. The youngest had long dark hair. It was VERY thick with TONS of body and a waves. The middle sister, she could have done a shampoo commercial! (you know the ones where they shake their heads and their hair flows forever?). It was long, blonde and had loads of body. Mine was just long and blonde...and STRAIGHT!!!! But, that was ok in the 1970's. Then came the 80's. What a nightmare for me.

I graduated from high school in 1977, and the Farrah Faucette du was in. Needless to say, mine would not do that. The day after I had my senior pictures taken, I went to the beauty shop and wacked off my hair and tried the "wing" thing. It did not look like Farrah's. My hair never grew out to the length it was in high school. I tried different things--layering, the bob, etc. Then I finally gave in to the perm. For about ten years, I had the perm. Then one day, I went to have a perm, and my hair got "fried". I never put another chemical on my hair since. I had to get it all chopped off. It had never been that short, and nor will it ever again. It was way above my shoulders...

Pretty much for the last 15 years, I have had the same thing. I would call it a long bob. Sometimes longer than other times, but, ecentially, it has been a bob, or maybe you could call it a blunt cut. Usually I would have bangs, but sometimes I would try it without the bang thing. I look much better in bangs, since I have a high forehead.

For the past few days, I have been debating on what to do. I look in the mirror and see that my hair seems straighter, thinner, and finer than ever. I think to myself, "would trimming it off help to give it better flow?" Also, everyone says that after 40, you need to have short hair. I'll be 50 this August. Hmmmm, don't think I agree with every woman having to cut their hair just because everyone says they are too old. Anywho...finally, today, I called my hairdresser. I went in, and we spoke for awhile, and she told be not to cut too much off. My hair was at the middle of my back. It was in very good condition, and I will have to say, I do have great color ( and this I have been blessed with, naturally). But, along with the great color, comes the the fact, that most natural blondes do have very fine, limp hair--that is just the nature. So, what do you do? Perm--NO WAY!! Hummm..

I told her to go ahead and do what she thought (EEEEEK!) I told myself, "it will grow out." (yea, in 100 years...). But, you know, I am happy. Yes, she cut off 6 INCHES, but actually, it looks pretty good. It is a little past my shoulders, so it is still considered a little on the long side. It looks much thicker, and flows really well. So, I will like to say, Joy (that's my hairdresser), thank you.

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  1. Probably the cut will make your hair even healthier. I think it's good to wack it off every few years :) And, I totally don't buy that you have to have short hair after 40 thing, as you know!