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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What You Think?

Ever since I can remember, my sisters and I have loved to craft. Growing up in the 70's we got into macrame and jewelry making. One of myy sisters has since made a career out of jewelry making by selling her items in various boutiques, writing books and she even has an about.com site and other blogs on all her gorgeous stuff.

Not only did we do macrame and jewelry, but we also got into crochet. I can even remember crocheting things with our fingers--no needle needed. Several years ago, I was experimenting on new media to use in jewelry. Actually, my sister was working on a mixed media book at the time, and that inspired me. As I was brainstorming with myself, I wondered if one could crochet beads. I started goofing around and found that yes, that is possible. I made a couple of necklaces that everyone seemed to like, and then gave them away as Christmas gifts. Today, I was playing around with my beads and made this necklace out of some cheap glass beads my mom had bought to make some jewelry with. She gave me the leftover beads, and I decided to try to use them. This was a fun, simple and cheap project. If you can chain stitch, you can make this necklace! Hey, this may even be a good project for pre-teens who would like to learn to crochet....

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  1. That looks cool. I'm working on a crochet jewelry project now I should have posted in a week or so where I crochet a flower and then use fabric stiffener to make it stiff. I've made one flower so far and it turned out pretty cool. I guess we must both be thinking a lot about jewelry and crochet right now!