Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Carter Cousins Trip to Fall Creek Falls, TN

On 5 July, 2010, Fall Creek Falls, TN was invaded by some of the Carter Family. Two families of Carter's headed to this beautiful place for a day of hiking and fun. Some of us had to travel about 3 1/2 hrs, and some had to travel a little over 2 hrs, but the trip was well worth the beauty that awaited us.

We started out at the main falls. Picture taking was one of the main focuses of the day. Hiking and swimming were the other main activities. Hiking down to the main fall was a little more treacherous than some of us thought it would be. There were a lot of slick rocks and boulders that had to be climbed. Once we made the 4/10 of a mile trip down, the kids cooled off in the water below the falls while the three adults rested and took pictures. Then we had to make the trip back up. After the hike to the main falls, we hiked a couple of other falls, two of which had swinging bridges--fun!

After our hike through the park, we headed to Pizza Hut, and then home. In all there were three adults, and eight kids. There were no problems, just fun times, and I am quite sure that the cousins had a great time hanging out with each other. Wish we could do more things like this together.

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