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Sunday, October 18, 2015

First Annual Danse Macabre Blog Hop

Danse Macabre? What is that you may ask? It is French for Dance of Death. No matter our position in life, whether you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, part of a large family or single, we all will eventually pass through this life and move on to the next through death.
I will be honest, when I first learned of this blog hop, I was taken back, but as I did my own investigation of the meaning of Danse Macabre, I found some beautiful music that went with it. Here is the link for it. I actually recognized the music and, as a dancer, picture the movement that one might see with this piece.
Death is not something to look at as negative or scary or evil....it is just part of life. Personally, I do not feel that death is the end of it all. In my heart I know that it is a continuation of this life, so I try to make the most of mortal life. Sure there are times during our time on earth when things are not that easy, but these are tests that we all have to go through. In the end, as I dance down the road toward my post mortal life, I look forward to seeing friends and family that have moved on. It will be a great reunion, and this is what I see as the Danse Macabre; all of us dancing for joy in being together into the eternities.
Now, on for my pieces that I have made for this First Annual Danse Macabre Bog Hop...
I found this beautiful silver toned skull and crossbones with all the bling on it and fell in love.
I knew that I wanted this to be a sparkly piece, so I looked for some crystals to go with it. I found some read, black and smoky colored crystals that I loved, and decided to use spacers that had an antique silver tone to them. Since I love the ocean, I flanked the skull with sea turtles. This gives is more of a pirate look.
Then I remembered a closure I already had, that had some more crystals on it. I knew this would finish my necklace off perfectly.  
I also decided to make one other thing...with an owl. I have heard that the black cat and the owl are a witch's companions. Have you ever heard the screech of an owl? Well, it sure sounds like the cackle of a witch, so that is probably why an owl is associated with a witch at Halloween. 
Anyway, here is my owl thing....
an ornament! Made of old guitar strings!
After looping the strings around into a circle, I wrapped them with silver colored wire to keep the strings in place. I then added the owl bead and garland. Doesn't he look like he is sitting in a tree?
I hope you enjoy my Danse Macabre pieces. I would like to thank Lee Koopman of  Strega Jewellry for hosting this event. now go see what all the other talented ladies made...

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  1. Love your colour combo on the necklace! The clasp is gorgeous and adds to the feel of the piece.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the nice compliment!

  2. So glad you joined the hop! Love your skull necklace with its very vibrant colors and your owl ornament is so cool!

  3. Love the sparkling and the little turtles in your design. You've been looking from a different angle (-:

    1. lol yes, Dini, I always tend to looks from a different side. Thank you!