Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Is In The Air!!!

For the last several weeks, we have gone up and down when it comes to the temperature. One day it climbs into the 70's the next day it may only be 50 if we're lucky. No wonder everyone has been sick. The last few days, though, have really been nice. I'm not sure if it is a tease, or if spring is here to stay (I hope it's here to stick around for awhile).

Yesterday, was one of those days when you really feel like getting out and doing something in the yard. We did not really have a chance to do so, but we did do some preparations. In August 2007, we bought a new home. Many times with a new home comes very little landscaping, if any. That was our case. We have gone all around with what we actually want to do. We checked into having someone come and do the work, but after a good laugh about the cost, we've decided, we would do it. It may take longer, but in the long run, we not only save big bucks, but have the satisfaction of saying, "We did that!"

Since we live in Louisiana, and in a subdivision that is very French inspired, we've decided to go in that direction but with a little twist. Being from Florida, I love the tropical look, so I guess you can say we are going "French Caribbean" or French Polynesian." I really can't find such a thing on the internet, so I am having to come up with what I think exactly that may be. In our backyard, we are going to have maybe a few fruit trees, definitely a vegetable garden and the rest will be tropical, including something I've always wanted--a tiki! BUT!! except for the vegetable garden the backyard is going to have to wait for the front.

Hmmmmm...the front....
After looking at many pictures and episodes of garden shows, I think I know what I want, except for a weird spot in the front which I will address later. Last year we did do a little bit of landscaping. We did a nice area around our mailbox--with Red Buds, small grasses and some yellow Lantana. It was really pretty when in bloom. We also planted a couple of Sago Palms around the front door, but only one survived. Lowes was really nice about taking it back. After much consideration as to what to do there, we've decided to put a waterfountain in it's place. I am so excited about it, as I've always wanted one. I get to pick it up tomorrow and hopefully by the end of the week, it will be up and running (that is if it doesn't rain everyday like the weather man is promising).

As for the weird area. We have a small porch type area that runs under a big front picture window. Infront of this cement area is a small grassy area. I have thought about putting a tree there, as most people do, but then when you are sitting on the porch all you see is a big tree in your face. Then I thought of putting the fountain there, but then again, it would be awkward to sit there, as the sitting area is pretty narrow. We have thought of putting some sort of stone area and small plants, now we are entertaining the thought of maybe putting pavers or decorative cement there and then having a bigger sitting area. I would have a lot of potted plants around, etc. We'll just have to see. First, though we are going to finish the front, and the side you see as you drive up. Hopefully that will be finished before my daughter comes back from college for the summer.


  1. What about putting in an herb garden there in front?

  2. I've thought about that, but that area does not get much sun, and herbs need a lot of sun. I am going to put an herb garden out back where there is plenty of sun.