Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, June 14, 2010


I have always loved to take pictures. Before digital or computers even were thought to be in the home, I took many pictures. I had a cheap 110 film camera. There was nothing cheap about buying film and getting it developed though. So...I had to be very selective as to what I took pictures of.

Now in the day of digital, you can take a boatload of photos and if they don't turn out, then you just delete them and try again. I will have to say, the picture taking is not that hard, but the editing, well, that is a whole other story. Once I figure out the computer and program, I don't have a problem, but it is the process in getting the pictures on a dic and copied that I have a problem with. There are many programs you can use to edit, and all say they are easy to use. But...that is not true, unless, of course, you are Bill Gates.

For several years, I have had an inexpensive digital point and shoot. I have found, that I am actually pretty good at taking photographs, and I really enjoy it. I also love to scrapbook, but that is a whole other blog.

I decided several months ago to upgrade my camera. I purchased a Canon Rebel XSI. So far, I love it. I have a lot to learn, though. Last week, I had a friend get married. I had heard they were going low budget. I asked her who she was using as their photographer. They said no one. I had a great idea. I proposed to her that I would take the photos, and put them on a disc and give her the right to copy them. She was very happy, and so, Saturday, I went to the wedding, camera in hand. I had done some internet investigation on how to photograph a wedding, so I had a little idea as to what to do.

After the wedding, I came home and downloaded the pictures on to my computer. The next day, I did some editing. I had taken about 279 pictures, but only edited about 90 of them. The unedited pictures came out fine, and I will be putting them on the same disc. Now I have a dilemma. I am trying to figure out how to put them on a disc so I can take them to have some copied, and then give her the dics. I am soooo computer dumb....! Hopefully, I WILL figure this out.
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  1. Great photos! Too bad you're not still around here, we have a little "SHutter bug club" going where we go out and help each other learn and have fun!
    You should be able to copy any files you want to keep off the disc.