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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bridal Wreath

We have really been busy with all kinds of stuff going on. We had a graduation a couple of weeks ago...our third child graduated from high school. He is getting ready to head to college in July, so we have been getting things ready for him. Our youngest son just had his Eagle board of review, so now he is officially an Eagle!!!! We will soon be planning his Eagle Court of Honor. Since he received his Eagle, he was now ready for his driver's license (family rule...you don't get your driver's license until you get your Eagle). The day after his board of review, he got his license. The other thing that has been happening in our family, is a wedding. I've blogged about our daughter's wedding a few times, and now there is less than three weeks before the wedding. She is not only in the middle of wedding planning, but also finishing up with her Bachelor Degree in Dance from Brigham Young University, so to say the least she has been one busy chick!

Speaking of chick...what do you think of the feather head wreath I made? My daughter and I have been discussing what she would wear on her head. I wore a silk flower wreath when I got married, and it is displayed in my curio cabinet along with my silk flower bouquet I carried. Ashley has seen my wreath, and even tried it on when she tried my wedding dress on. Even though she liked it, it just didn't float her boat at the time. I was at a boutiqe not long ago, and they had new, unused bridal veils for $5 and $10! There was one beautiful one. It was fingertip length with Swarvoski crystals all around the botton. It was gorgeous! I am not usually a veil fan, and I know Ashley isn't either, but this one was really pretty. The crystals alone were worth more than $5, and I use them in my jewelry making, so I went ahead and bought it. I figured if she didn't want to wear it, I'd use the crystals. Besides, if she had changed her mind and wanted a veil, I didn't want to spend $100 plus for a veil. We also have a tiara that I got for really cheap sometime ago. Originally she thought of wearing it.

The other night, we were talking and she said she might want a wreath for her hair. I told her I'd see what I could do. One of my friends said, "Why doesn't she just wear your old wreath?" Well, that is a thought, I looked at it to see if I could revive it, but I really didn't want to change it. My colors were lavender and white, and her colors are yellow and turquoise, that just would not work.

At first I thought about getting some silk babies breath and doing a babies breath wreath. I couldn't find any silk babies breath, or any little silk flowers that I liked, so I had to come up with plan B. Hmmm...I remembered I had ribbon left over from her bouquet, and some white feathers. I started to play a little, and this is what I came up with.

I still think it needs something. I plan to go one more place that sells a lot of silk flowers, and hopefully, I can find some little white silk flowers that don't look so fakey.

If you look real close, you can see some blue crystal like butterflies I glued on to the wreath.

I like the ribbon hanging down with ribbon flowers.

Don't know if she will like it, and if she doesn't, that's fine. We can use is somewhere as decoration. She could even where this with the veil. I know a lot of girls do that. Since she has three separate places she will be wearing her wedding dress...the temple, Indiana reception, and Louisiana reception, she could even wear separate head pieces.

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