Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, June 6, 2011


Well, it's off the dentist again. Lately I've been having some serious issues with my teeth. As I have mentioned before, I take really good care of my teeth. Since I am at home a lot, I brush my teeth after each time I eat. I am also an avid flosser. Seems like none of this really works. I believe that one does need to take care of their teeth by regular brushing and flossing, but genetics has a lot to do with it too. My immediate family, Mom, Dad, and two sisters, have wonderfully healthy teeth. My husband and four children do too. Me, on the other hand does not. I think I may have inherited that bad gene from my grandmother. From what I understand her teeth were not the healthiest. What is interesting about my teeth, is not only have I always taken care of my them, but my mother took very good care of herself while pregnant with me. She was very careful to drink her milk and eat healthy. So prenatal care has nothing to do with my bad teeth.

I am about to head to the dentist for my 6th time this year. I have had both my annual check ups, and seen the dentist four times because of tooth aches. I had an infection that would not seem to go away, and after two rounds of antibiotics, I was able to get a root canal done. While in the middle of this, I came up with yet another tooth infection on the opposite side. The infection was so bad that I was put on yet another round of antibiotics and he put some medication into my tooth. Today, I get to go back to the endodontist to see if the infection is gone. If it is, he will finish that root canal. If all goes well, I will then head to my regular dentist next week to be fitted for two crowns. Then after I get back from all the wedding stuff I will get to back again and have the crowns put on. All this after five years and about 15,000 plus dollars that were spent on my teeth just a few years back. Boy, I should have an award winning smile, but, unfortunatlly, I do not. I've never even had braces, and really do not have that pretty of a smile. I will have to say, my teeth are pretty white for an almost 52 year old woman. But that is probably due to not drinking coffee, tea, or cokes. I mostly drink water with an occasional juice now and then.

Well, wish me luck, hope I don't squeeze the arm off his chair.

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