Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Short Weekend in Baton Rouge

Had a pretty nice weekend. Packed up two of my three boys, and headed down to Baton Rouge for a quick visit with my daughter and her husband. Wish I could have brought my husband and my other son, but that was not possible.

We drove down on Friday and the kids went to 13th gate, which has been voted in the top scariest houses for the past several years.  They really had a good time. The next morning, Saturday, my daughter, her husband and I, had the privilege of going to the temple. Afterwards, we had a little photo shoot around the grounds.

First we took pictures of  Ashley and Jeremy...

Then we took pictures of Ashley and me...

When we were done taking pictures, we picked up some pizza and headed back to the apartment; and then took some more pictures. I figured since we had three of the kids together, maybe I could get some good ones for the yearly Christmas cards....

Ok, so needless to say, we did NOT get any Christmas pictures.  No one likes this process, and I always have problems with my kids cooperating when it comes to picture time. I tell them every year that if they would cooperate, it would only take a few minutes.  In fact!!!!! I believe I could take it in one or two shots.  We will probably never know....

We had thought about staying until Sunday, but Ashley got called into work, so we decided to head on out of there. We took a different route; one that takes us up through Hammond, LA then up to Jackson and Vicksburg, MS. Just before we crossed the Mississippi River in Vicksburg, we stopped at the welcome center to stretch our legs. Boy, was the bridge ever pretty. Too bad I did not have a tripod. I still tried to take some pictures, and they came out ok.

It was a short trip, but I think we all had a nice time. Don't know when I will be getting back down. Hopefully at least one more time before we move...maybe even two more times...who knows...only time will tell.  I just hope the next time I go down, we can bring her daddy.


  1. did you get to see any balloons from the balloon fest when you drove through Natchez? Maybe it was all over, but it is SO pretty when they all glow.

  2. actually, we did. I had not idea! I meant to tell Ashley about it. wished I'd known about it earlier, we would have stopped. I LOVE hot air balloons!