Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When I lived in Louisiana, I walked everyday with a group of ladies in the neighborhood. We would walk for a little less than an hour and would walk about 3 miles. We were referred to as "The Walkers."
We enjoyed walking every morning and catching up with each other's activities.
Before we moved to Louisiana, I had lost 30 lbs; AND! I kept it off for a couple of years. It didn't take me long to gain it all back after our move. At first everyone was saying I was gaining muscle. RIGHT! That was so not true. Looking back, I do believe it was me going through menopause, at least partly. 

After being in Louisiana for a few years, I started working real hard to loose that weight. I was pretty successful and lost 15 lbs. That is until I had my blood clot issue and was put on Coumadin. It wasn't long before I packed that 15 lbs right back on. All my green leafy veggies that I loved so much had to go. I was allowed a 1/2 cup a day. Right! I also was old to not do ANY form of exercise for awhile.
I was on Coumadin for about six months. Once I was off that, I went back to my diet of spinach salad, salads with Romaine lettuce, and other green stuff I love so much. I also went back to my walking. None of the weight came off.

Fast forward to this past summer. By the end of August, we were pretty much settled, and everyone was in school. I joined the YMCA and started myself on a exercise program, and started eating much healthier. I have now lost 15 lbs. and have about 15 to go! I am hoping to have at least another five off before the first of the year. If it was not for all the holidays, I could probably get more off, but I am being realistic. 
I just got back from a cruise, and I did real well. I gained ZERO!!!! Yeah me! Now, I am back to my schedule. On Monday and Wednesday, I head to the pool and swim some laps before my one hour water walking class. Did you know you burn more calories water walking for 30 minutes than you would land walking for TWO HOURS!? Now that's what I'm talking about! Anyway, Tuesday and Thursday, I have an hour of Pilates and then an hour of Water aerobics. Friday, is my light day. Just 30 minutes of spinning. I think I might try to make the land aerobic class that meets after the spinning class.
Hopefully by summer, I will be back into a size six! That is my goal. Not only a size six, but also a toned size six! And this time, I better keep it off!!!!!!


  1. Gained zero on a cruise?
    WOW ! Great !

    1. yep, been on about eight cruises, and haven't gained a pound yet on one. I think it is because I don't use the elevators....EVER! AND, we are usually pretty low, like deck 2 or 3. When you have to go up to deck 11 to get to the pool, 9 to eat, you tend to get in a little exercise, ;)