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Friday, December 21, 2012

New Orleans, Louisiana

A few months ago I mentioned that we were planning a trip to New Orleans. I had asked for some suggestions as to what to do. We didn't want to spend much if anything at all. Our trip has now come and gone and this is what we did.
Since my daughter and her husband only live about an hour or so away, we first went to her stretching class and got all stretched out. It was a great class. We rushed home to get ready, and then we were on our way.
As we got into NOLA, we passed what might possibly be where my son in law will go to Physical Therapy school in a couple of years. This is one of several places they are looking at.
 Anyway....we drove right to the French Quarters and met an old friend we use to go to church with in Monroe, LA. She met us at the Gumbo Shop. We all had a really nice time eating good food and visiting.
After a very filling and calorie filled lunch, we decided to walk around. Of course I took loads of pictures. I love the architecture down there.
We went in a few stores
 and shopped around. These were cool, I took a picture, thinking maybe someone could make these. The only thing I bought was a tie and a Christmas ornament, my daughter bought a gift. 
We roamed around Jackson Square a little looking at all the people. If you like to people watch, this is the perfect place to go!
There are all kinds of strange things going on down in the French Quarter area.
There is a living statue
or two
or three.
After roaming around a little, we decided to go to Cafe Du Monde for some beignets. It was very crowded, as usual, but we finally found a place where all six of us (plus one who was coming) to sit.
Our friend's husband met us there and we filled our bellies with these wonderful tasting treats. 
After we finished our beignets, we said good-bye to our friends and went back to Jackson Square to look at all the stuff the artisans were selling.
I was not allowed to take any pictures of the art work so I took pictures of other stuff.
If you look close you will notice Mardi Gras beads in the tree.
Everything was all decked out for Christmas.
Even though there was a lot of complaining about going to NOLA, I think we all had a good time. It sure beat staying home and looking at each other!
It was a gorgeous day too! Not too hot, not too cold, and the sun was out, that always makes me happy.
Well, it was getting pretty late in the day, and we had already put money in the meter once. We knew our time was running out on the meter again, so we decided to head back to the car.
On the way back, we stopped in one more shop. The Pepper Palace. Our family loves hot, spicy food, especially my dad and my youngest son. I loved the way they had the store set up. You could taste all the different salas and hot sauces.
There was one sauce that was so hot that you had to be 18 to try it. It was "the hottest sauce in the universe" or so they say.
Of course our youngest and our son in law had to try it. I think by the looks on their faces you can tell it was pretty hot. After trying it, the clerk gave them a sticker and took their picture. As we were leaving the store, two other young men decided to try the sauce. Later on we saw them walking down the street with that look of "my mouth is on fire" on their faces.
We finally found our car and were headed back home, or at least to my daughter and son in laws home. 
And, yes, I took more pictures. 
I would never want to live in NOLA, and I know a lot of people have bad things to say about the place. I never thought I wanted to go there either.
It's a very unique place. Yes, there are a lot of bad things that go on there, but you get that with any big city. I enjoyed our little adventure. We spent very little money; lunch, dessert, parking meter and a few little souvenirs was all we spent our money on, so it was a pretty cheap day (as far as tourist things go). Oh ya, gas...we did have to pay for gas to get there.
French Quarters area reminded me a lot of Nassau, Bahamas. Going to New Orleans is kinda like going to another country, yet not leaving this country. So if you ever get a chance, go for it, visit New Orleans.

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