Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Here in Western Kentucky, we are getting our second snowfall for the season. I am thankful that none of us have to go too far in it. 
Living in Florida for most of my growing up, I didn't see much of the white stuff. I remember when I was 16, our family took a trip to Colorado for Christmas to visit with family. We were really hoping for a white Christmas. We had a little dusting when we woke up Christmas morning. Our gifts waited while we all went out and played.
After our vacation was over, we were treated to a real winter wonderland...on the way to the airport. As we traveled down the interstate, I noticed the delicate flakes landing on the window. I wasn't saying much, just taking in the beautiful scenery. Pretty soon, I asked everyone to look at the flakes (hey were so cool). My mom looked at me kinda funny. I told her they look like those paper snowflakes we use to make in school. She smiled, and said, "Oooh." Growing up in Colorado, she really hadn't given it much thought. The rest of the way to the airport, everyone was talking about the flakes.

Fast forward to my years in college in Idaho. Being the Florida girl I am, I was pretty amazed at the snow....ALL the snow (which was A LOT!!!). My friends, most of which were from Idaho and Utah, use to tease me about some of my comments. They were grateful, though, to have a friend that was very naive about winter. I had one of them say to me that I made her appreciate the beauty of the snow more.

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