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Friday, November 22, 2013

FINALLY! My Craft Room!!!

So....here is my craft room, finally put together after 15 months of living in this house...just in time to move. Yes..move; better late than never, right?
Here you see a cabinet I first bought when we were homeschooling YEARs ago. Now I keep all my fabric, buttons, and other sewing stuff in it. The five gallon bucket on the left side of is something my daughter made for girls camp a looooooooooong time ago. We now use it to keep all our glue, tape, etc in. On the top of the cabinet, you will notice a couple of my Thirty One products. They work great to keep some of my jewelry making stuff in. It says...tappingflaming on the one box.  You will also notice to the right side is a desk, with all my early morning seminary stuff on it.
Here is my jewelry station.
Scrapbooking stuff in the clear drawers, and a lot of my Thirty One stuff, oh and don't tell the kids, but I have Christmas gifts hidden in there too...hehehe...
More of my jewelry making stuff...
Some earrings I've made.
In the cabinet to the left, one of my son's computers, which will be headed out to Idaho in January with him (sad face).
Well, there you have it...my craft room....
Sure hope it helps the house to sell...
We have a room for her,
and a room for him (a nice room with a pool table).

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