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Sunday, November 17, 2013

One Busy Life!!!

Life sure has kept me busy, but that is good! Keeps me out of trouble, lol
Life also has a lot of bumps in the road too. We have lived in Kentucky for about 15 months, and guess what!? We are moving, yep, you read it right, we are moving again....
When I called my daughter to tell her the news, she, of course, asked where. I told her to guess, then I told her where...back to Monroe, La. 

SILENCE on the other end....

Then she said, really?! You move away when we move to Louisiana, now that we are getting ready to move to NC, you come back?


Life has a way, sometimes....
That being said, I have mixed emotions about moving. We have had so many great things happen here in Madisonville, and have met some really nice people. I hate leaving my friends. 

When I first got here, there were my church friends I first met. My husband had already been here for about nine months, so he was able to get to know a lot of them. They are so nice, and have made me feel very comfortable. 

I joined the YMCA, and met a lot of really nice ladies there. Pilates, Yoga, and all my swimming classes have been so much fun, especially with all my "Pam" friends; seems like everyone there in is named Pam, lol. From one of the Pam's I have also found out about a photography club, a ladies stitch club AND my dulcimer group.  Each of these groups have very nice people in them too. So...in the short 15 months I've been here, I have met A LOT of people...all very wonderful individuals!
Another of my Pam friends also told me about a new coffee shop that was opening up that wanted local artisans to sell their crafts. I now have my jewelry in that coffee shop.
I know we are put where we are needed. Might be that we are needed in a particular place for others, or maybe for ourselves. Either way, I know we were met to be here in Madisonville. Many things have happened while we were here, that would not have happened if we had never come to KY.
Now off we go...back to Monroe. I have a lot of close friends there, so I am excited to go back and be with them again. Not sure when that will happen, as we need to sell the house. Hopefully it will be a lot quicker than last time. 

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