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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Finally, A New Fridge!

We have been in our home a little over a month now. Our new home did not have a fridge, and we had to leave the one in our home in Kentucky there. We did, however, have an old fridge that we have carried on our moves from Arkansas to Indiana, then to Louisiana, Kentucky and now back down to Louisiana. That has been a great appliance. The only problem...it did not fit into the space in our new home. Which meant, we had to buy a new one *sigh*

We have been looking for a fridge forever, it seems; and during this time our old one has been in the garage...it has been a pain in the you know what, hauling stuff back in forth. 

When we moved to Kentucky 2 1/2 years ago, we had asked for the fridge to stay. During inspection, we found that it did not work, so we were given an allowance to buy a new one. I loved that fridge. It was one of those side by sides with the freezer at the bottom...and it was BIG! I was sad that our buyers asked for it, and we had to leave it. 

As we have been looking lately to buy a new refrigerator, we have found they have gone WAAAAY up in price :P  We also found that a lot of the them were too big; and the ones that did fit, were $500 more than the bigs ones. Not sure why.

We narrowed it down to two, one was a stainless, small version of our one in Kentucky, and the other was a small version of what we already had. In our current kitchen, we have a black oven/stove and a white dishwasher, so I really did not want a third color in there, so we decided to get the black one, besides the black fridge was $400 less. 

I'm so glad I don't have to make trips back and forth from the kitchen anymore.

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