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Monday, July 13, 2015

Nasty Wallpaper!

Several weeks ago, I decided to start taking down the wallpaper in the kitchen. We have gobs of wallpaper that need taken down in our new home. I hate taking down wallpaper, because you never know what you will get yourself into when you do start. I had a hunch that this paper had been on the walls since the house was built in 1989, and that it was on untreated drywall. 

here is the French Country kitchen with pink and white pin stripe wallpaper

I called a painter and a lady who later I found is the one who put the paper up. Both came to have a look see. I could tell they did not want to tackle it. By their reaction, I knew it was not going to be an easy job, but it must come down!!!!

Both these people left, and were to get back with me with a price to get it down, and also a price to paint. I have yet to hear from them. I decided to start on my own adventure of doing it myself. Both the painter and wallpaper lady did tell me how to tackle it, and both gave the same advice. HOT, HOT water in a spray bottle, spray it down and CAREFULLY start to scrape the paper off. By the way, the lady did a wonderful job putting the paper up. She told me she puts it up so it won't come down...she is right...it doesn't want to come down.

As I started pulling down paper, I noticed, there is another layer of wallpaper that had primer on it....ugh!!!! Some areas the paper comes down pretty easily, but other areas, not so much. I believe they put some type of glue onto the surface of parts of the drywall before they hung it, so those areas are very difficult to remove...very meticulous. 

I started this project a few weeks ago, then headed to Dallas to spend 10 days going to Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor with my in-laws. Now that I am back, I have started back up again. Our youngest son will be back from college in less than two weeks, so I would love to have this room completed by the time he comes.

Ok, so much for my break...back to work!

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