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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Twenty-seven years ago today, after countless miscarriages, I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I want to share my story in hopes that it can help others going through the same things I did.

About a year after my husband and I were married, we decided to start our family. Everyone else around us had no problem starting their's and so we thought in no time, we would be having pitter patter of little feet.  That was not what was to happen.

At the time I was working at a major hospital, just downstairs from their infertility clinic. I was told that after one year of trying, then come see them. The first thing they did was run a few basic tests on both my husband and I. Everything came back normal. The next thing was to check if my plumbing was free and clear. After a very painful procedure, all was great.

Shortly before these procedures started, a family member approached me and suggested I have a progesterone test. She had had infertility issues and miscarriages, and come to find out, her problem was low progesterone. All that was needed to check this was a simple blood test. I mentioned it to my doctor, but was told that was pretty rare, and they first needed to run some other tests.

My next procedure was a laparoscopy to make sure of several things, including endometriosis. Before the test, again, I inquired about the progesterone. Still nothing.

After my laparoscopy, I was told there was some scar tissue, but not enough to prevent me from getting pregnant. They lasered what was there off, and spoke to me about what next. Again, I asked about the blood test. Still nothing.

During all this time, I was having very HEAVY and painful periods. I asked about that, and even wondered if maybe I was having miscarriages. I was informed that was not what was going on. I kept asking, and finally they told me the next time I think I had a miscarriage, to bring it in.  Well...I did.

Guess what!? I had had a miscarriage. No telling how many I had had. Finally after three years of going to the infertility clinic and one documented miscarriage, they did a blood test. I had EXTREMELY low progesterone. Really!? All of this heart ache could have been avoided. 

At first nothing was done, and I did get pregnant, long enough for a positive test. Sadly, shortly after I found out the good news, I miscarried...again. My doctor told me that we needed to wait a couple of months before getting pregnant, and that he would put me on progesterone (25mg, TWO times a day). Several months of me taking the progesterone, there was still no baby. The next step were infertility drugs. We really did not want to go down that street, and fortunately, we did not have to. I got pregnant! At first I was told to stay in bed for a couple of weeks, and after everything seemed to be fine, I was able to return back to work and most my other activities; everything, except dance and exercise. Needles to say, I was not able to get my baby fat off after the pregnancy, but that's ok, I had a beautiful baby boy, and that was all that mattered. 

We now have three boys and one girl. All our children were progesterone babies. In between all of them, and after our youngest I had other miscarriages, only because we had moved and I had new doctors who would not listen to me.

One story I would like to share...about two years after we had our daughter (2nd child), I became pregnant. Immediately, I went to the doctor asking for progesterone. He asked why I thought I needed it. I told him...so, then he prescribed progesterone, but told me I would not need it for a couple of months. I was really upset, and tried to explain my story. To shut me up, he gave me a shot of 25mg and told me to come back next week for another. I told him it would not be enough, but he would not listen. A few days later, I miscarried. I was furious! When I went in to see him after this, he told me, "Your young, and you have two children...." I left in tears and never returned to the heartless doctor!

A few months later, I found another doctor, and told her about what had happened. She put me on progesterone, and within a few weeks, I was pregnant. After a short time on bed rest, I had a very healthy pregnancy, and gave birth to another beautiful baby boy.

It wasn't long after we had our third child, that I got pregnant again. We had since moved to another state; the same state and doctor that delivered our last child. I learned I was pregnant very early, and called the doctor's office immediately. They told me I needed to wait a couple of months. I told them no, and came in. They did see me, and I was able to see the doctor. He was amazed that I knew so early. I told him that I had been through so much, that I knew my body well. I also told him about the progesterone. He decided that I needed it, but not for a couple of months. NO! I begged him to look at my records, which he did. The expression on his face was priceless. 

"Oh my!" He said. "We need to get you on that like, yesterday!" Sometimes I get so upset at doctors. It is so refreshing to have one that actually will listen. 

I was to be 35 by the time this child would be born, so I was double high risk, but this was actually my healthiest pregnancy. I took tap lessons, and even performed at 6 months pregnant. I never even had to have bed rest with this one YEAH!

Sadly, we did have one more miscarriage when I was 41, and that was the end of this story. Having a miscarriage not only puts your body through a lot, but also messes with your mind. I think of those babies that could have been...especially the last. I know it seems weird, but I feel that it would have been a girl, and I think of her a lot, especially when June comes along, because that is when she was due. She would have been 14 this past June...going into high school...

But you know, I must move one. It is not bad to think of these little spirits, and I hope that my story can help someone. I think sometimes we go through these hard times so that we can not only grow, but help each other. I am grateful for our four children, and now I am a grandmother. Life is such a special thing, and we need to all embrace it, and be happy with what we have...it could be so much worse. 

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