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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Creations From My March 2016 Bargain Bead Box Shipment

With all the water and flooding here in Louisiana, I have not had a lot of  time to make very much jewelry. But!!! I did manage to make a few pieces with this month's shipment of The Bargain Bead Box. Check out my unboxing on my tappingflamingo youtube channel. 

 When I first saw this pendant, I got all excited and then when I saw the pink and green crystals I got even more excited. I love these colors, and they remind me of my son's wedding. You see, pink and green were the colors they used...pink because that is her favorite color and green because that is his favorite color. I thought that was a fantastic idea...colors to represent them both!

As I was making these pieces, especially the earrings, I thought they would make great items for a wedding! I did wear the necklace and earrings on St. Patty's Day, and got LOADS of complements. I loved them, but knew I would be putting them into my TappingflamingoBling Esty Shop. I took pictures, posted on my Instagram and Facebook and soon, someone asked why they were not in my shop. 

With all the flooding, our church group (Mormon Helping Hands) did a lot of volunteer work, taking out flooring, drywall, insulation, etc, and I was a part of that; that is why I was not able to get it into my shop right away. Eventually, it was posted, and within a few minutes both the earrings and necklace were gone. 

This necklace is a one of a kind piece, and probably will not ever be duplicated. I tried to find the pendant, but had no luck; but that is ok, I love unique pieces, and most of the jewelry I make are one of a kind.

The earrings? Well they are not one of a kind and are listed on my shop now. I only have a couple of pairs to go around though. 

Now this last piece, I made for two different challenges. The Bargain Bead Box is one of them. The other will not be revealed until May. It's just a blog hop, so stay tuned for the reveal of some other pieces.

These earrings are made of the glass flower beads from the Bargain Bead Box and a piece of Sari ribbon that I made into a bead. I love these earrings, and will probably list them on my Esty shop. These will not be a one of a kind, but I will not have a ton of them...so stay tuned for this summer....I have lots of fun stuff planned for TappingflamingoBling.

Well, that's all I have had time for this month. Hoping April showers won't be as heavy as the ones in March have been. I look forward to the April shipment of Bargain Bead Box...

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