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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dry Gulch March 2016 Color Challenge

Here is another color challenge from Dry Gulch. Aren't the colors gorgeous? 
I bought these glass toucans several months ago. We are getting ready to go on a cruise in a few months and one of the places we are to visit is Belize. Their bird is the Toucan, and that is why I wanted these cute little guys. I had planned to make earrings for my mom and I.
I have had these peachy colored shell discs for awhile, waiting for the right piece; and don't you love those green Chinese crystals? 

So, here ya go, Toucan Shoulder Duster Earrings. 
Just pure fun!

Thank you, Dry Gulch, for coming up with this color challenge each month. It challenges me to go outside my comfort zone, which I need....

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