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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Gifts For Her

Part 2! Yesterday I talked about Gifts for the guys...today...Gifts for the Gals! They are much easier...usually, unless you have too many things you want to get them, lol

As I mentioned with the guys, clothes and money are great ideas. But!!! it's kinda the expected. But you know...? $$ is probably what my daughter and daughter in law will be getting. Of course, I'll have to find them something that is unexpected...

My shop, TappingflamingoBling (facebook and etsy) has a lot of jewelry and ornaments on it.

These earrings are made using alligator gar scales and glass pearls.

Any Disney Fans?

How about pendants made from used, clean music strings?

Earrings to match!
Guitar string bracelets!

You know someone who likes to shop? Here is a
guitar string ornament with a purse charm!

Lanyards are a great gift!
Jewelry sets!
Crystal earrings....
Paper beads!

Anyway...as you can see I have all kinds of different jewelry, ornaments and even keychains available at reasonable prices. I know how hard it is in today's economy, to find nice things for nice people, so I strive to keep my prices low. 

I hope you check my tappingflamingo Instagram and youtube channel out, and TappingflamingoBling Etsy Shop and Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!!!
and...Happy shopping!!!!!

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