Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Denim Apron

I have an artisan fair and Autism Awareness vendor fair coming up in March and April, respectively. I've been doing a lot of preparing. In addition to making jewelry, there are other things that go into preparing for these events. There is paper work, paying fees, 

Trying to figure out your set up...

Figuring out how you are going to take payment is also something I had to think about. Yesterday, I got my credit card reader in the mail, so now I can take credit cards!

When you are running a booth at these fairs, you also need to have a lot of stuff on your person. I hate carrying a purse or bag, so I decided to make me an apron.  I didn't want just any apron, so I did some investigating on apron styles, and found some ideas as to how to use old jeans. 

Our youngest son had given me a couple of jeans for me to fix...lol, they were way beyond fixing.

I cut the jeans to the right size, and dug around in my fabric stash to find this pretty piece. I added a ruffle to the bottom, using this floral material.

Added some lace to the pockets and hook and loop to keep the pockets securely shut. I don't want anything falling out!

The ties are made of the same fabric. I sewed it to look like a belt.

I am going to take the front of the jeans and do the same thing for my helper. I think it turned out pretty nicely...especially, since I am not a seamstress....

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