Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Loosing Weight is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

Yep!!! It is!!!

Three weeks ago, I decided to cut out all my sweets....and I've been a good girl. So many times during these past weeks, I have been tempted. Tempted with Girl Scout Cookies, Bunco Party treats, Birthday parties, Valentine's Day (the day I actually started this adventure), and the list goes on! I have yet to have a bite, a cookie, a morsel, a crumb!!!! lol

Why did I do this? Well, because I wanted to see if I can do it. Also because of Lent. I grew up in a Baptist home, going to a Catholic school, and at the age of 19 joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with which I am still very active, today.  I've never really observed Lent by giving anything up, even during my years from 3rd through 8th grade at the Catholic school. 

This year, I decided I was going to observe Lent...and give up something that is truly a sacrifice. You see, the giving up for Lent is in representation of the sacrifice of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Now, there is NO way that any sacrifice we as mortals can do, would even come close to being equal to that of the Atonement. But, you know, if the Savior went through all of that for us, what is a little sacrifice from us? I decided to go BIG...and give up something that I really LOVE!!!! SWEETS!!!!

I will have to say, I do feel a lot better! BUT!!!!! I really thought I would lose a few LB's....Well, a FEW is about it. The first week, I was so excited, because I actually lost 4 pounds. Then...I gained them all back! Yes! All four of them, ugh! And I gained them over night. What the heck?! 

Okay...well, maybe I lost water weight, and then drank it all back on, lol. By the way, water is all I ever drink, and has been that way for about 10 years. 

Back to the weight....about a week later, I loss some more...two pounds this time, then another three, for a total of five (from my original weight).  That was the second week...and I'm still at that point. My weight has not budged. I have friendSSSSS, that have been so happy when they gave up their sweets. BOOM! 30 pounds down, 25 pounds down, etc. And this was pretty quickly, I might add. Me....five, ugh! I really had a goal to loose more than that. They say, that loosing two pounds per week is doable, and healthy, so...if I do the math correctly, I should loose 14 pounds during the time of Lent. My goal was 10. 

I still have time to do this. I guess I just need to be more patient with myself. Also...to be honest, the real reason to do this is not necessarily the weight loss, but there is a Spiritual side of it. I need to remember, that the sacrifice I am giving is to keep in mind what the Lord did for me...for all of us. Through His Atonement, we have the opportunity to live with Him for eternity. So, yes, I am doing this to be more healthy, to take care of this body I have been blessed with, and to feel better (which I definitely do). But also to always remember HIM!!!!


  1. I asked my doctor why my close were telling me I was losing weight, but the scales said I did not. She said that I am losing muscle...that's not what I wanted

    1. The doctor's scales always weigh me about 10 lbs more than at home. They told me that there scales are calibrated on a regular basis. I beg to differ, because, I weigh a 25# of flour on mine, and it is not off but a few ounces. I NEVER believe the doctor's scales!