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Monday, March 4, 2019

It's Another Bead Swap!!!

Yes! I've decided to do another bead swap. This one is with Bead Peep's Linda Anderson. I was paired with Cynthia O'Toole of Sparkle's and Sweets. I just received her package, and the package I sent should be delivered to her home today. 

Here is what I sent....

The first two things I would like to introduce are what was the one thing we were suppose to send...and that was an artisan piece. If you follow me, you know that I love my essential oils. During the Christmas holidays, I had several orders for diffuser necklaces, and so I decided to make something to send to Cynthia. This first piece is a terra cotta clay pendant that I had rolled and stamped myself. 

This next piece is a button. I actually love to use buttons as closures sometimes. They are very boho style and make a nice and secure closure.

Before I knew who my partner was, I gathered the terra cotta clay pendant and button and these strand of sea opal glass beads. I really liked the way they paired with the terra cotta.

When I found out who my partner was, and learned she like color,  decided to add these colorful dyed shell chips. I hope she likes them, because I sure do!

I love crystals, including rough cut crystals. I added these electroplated natural quartz rough nugget beads to the stash. They really have a nice hint of color to them.

Now for some more color...some turquoise glass beads. These remind me of the Caribbean Sea!

I knew that Cynthia like a bit of shine, so I added these babies. They really have a nice shine to them!

So...there you have it, I hope she like her mixture of beads.

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