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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Dance

I was going to wait and blog about this next week, but I think I will go ahead and blog about it now. As we speak, my daughter is at the Salt Lake City So You Think You Can Dance auditions. I have been on pins and needles all day. Every time I get a text message, or my cell phone rings, I jump up to see if it might be Ashely with news. So far, no news, and no news is good news.

A little over two years ago, Ashley and I went down to New Orleans for one of their auditions. It was soooooo much fun. We found out about the auditions about a week before, and Ashley really wanted to go. I was not thrilled about driving down there. Among many things, Ashley's dance shoes were in storage in Provo, UT, and I figured it was going to cost some big bucks, plus I've always heard horror stories about going down there. One of my walking buddies use to live there, and told me that as long as you stay away from certain areas (just like any place you go), you would be fine. She wound up coming with me, and I was soooooo grateful!!!!

The three of us had so much fun. It was really hot, but that was fine. The first day my friend and I just hung around while Ashley went for auditions. We were there allllll daaaaay loooong. But it was fine. There were other mothers, finance's, boyfriends, sisters, friends, etc. waiting, and we just mingled and met some really nice people. We even got to talk a little with some of the production team, and everyone was so nice. It was a very pleasant experience. At the end of the day, Ashley came running down the stairs, with great excitement with the news that she made the first cut, and that she had to be back in two days. This gave us time to go and explore the city of New Orleans.

It did not take me long to understand why so many people love NOLA! It is a very quaint city, rich in history. We were in walking distance of everything. It was really nice to just park the car in a secure location close to our motel and be able to leave it there for the duration of our stay. We checked out a couple of good restaurants, and shopping. We were just across from the convention center and mall, and a small jaunt from the French Quarters. While at the French Quarters, we had to check out the Gumbo Shoppe and Cafe Du Monde for a Beignet. YUMMMOOO!!

The next day, Ashley had to be there early. We were allowed to go, but not til later on in the day. She would call me and let me know, so my friend and I headed back to the motel after taking Ashely to the audition. It was not long before we got the call, and headed back to the auditions. It was really fun and interesting to see how they put a TV show together. Ashley did great. She auditioned in tap, and was sent to choreography. Choreography was ballroom...something Ashley had never done before. She did OK, but not good enough. Actually, I was glad. We went home with a very happy and pleasant experience.

Today, I am about 1500 miles or so away, so I was not able to attend. My thoughts are constantly with her and her friends, wondering what is going on. I really won't be able to say much whether she goes on to choreography, Vegas, or beyond, til the end of the show. That is why I decided to blog about it today. I just knew that if I waited to blog later, it would be hard for me to not give anything away. So, until after the show is over (which will probably be in August), I will keep my mouth shut. I sure hope you all tune it, though and watch the show. Maybe, if nothing else, we will be able to catch a glimpse of her on the show. We saw her on the NOLA auditions last time...

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