Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall is here and Old Man Winter is just around the corner.....
My favorite time of year is summer. I have always loved the warm, sunny weather. I even like humidity. I know most of you think I have lost my marbles because of this, but right now I could use a bit of humid weather. You see, my skin is becoming VERY, very DRY! And I don't like it.

We had a hot summer and a nice a mild fall. I enjoyed the mild temperatures and the beauty in the leaves.
Here in Kentucky, there are many trees, and along with these type trees you get some gorgeous colors.
Growing up in the part of Florida I lived in, you don't get any change of seasons.
The first time I remember seeing the change of seasons was when I had gone out to school in Idaho. I was 19. 
I had left Sunny Florida in January and arrived in the cold "tundra" of Idaho. Winter had long made it's arrival, and there was well over a foot of snow on the ground. I can remember walking to the grocery store with my roommates and noticing all the dead bushes and trees. After a while, I made the comment about how sad it was that all the plants were dead. One of my roommates looked at me quite funny. She informed me that they weren't dead, just dormant. Both of us had a learning experience. I had learned that many of the plants go dormant during the winter...not die, and she learned that there are parts of the country that are always green.
That winter, I didn't see the pavement until April! You see, in Idaho, once it starts snowing (usually in October), you don't see the pavement for MONTHS!
Another funny story I'd like to share was one time we were headed to town and it was sooooooo cold. I had NEVER been so cold. As we passed the bank the temperature was reading 48. "48!!!?" I yelled. "It sure seems A LOT colder than any 48!" My roommate then turned to me with a chuckle and replied, "Terry, that is 48 below!" wow, I was in shock! I had never seen anything colder than 18. No wonder I was so cold! A lot of my friends and roommates got a good laugh at me quite often. But you know, if they had been in my territory (Florida) I'm sure I'd get a kick out of some of their reactions to things.
The first time I saw leaves changing was just after I had turned 20, my first fall that I could remember not living in Florida. It was actually quite pleasant to see all the color.
Even though I detest the coming of cold, I still see joy in the changes of the seasons. The beauty of the trees during all times of the year. 
So even though I am NOT enjoying all this cold that has recently visited our state, I do enjoy looking at the trees do their thing. 
I just wish it could snow and be warm. I may not like the cold, but the snow brings back so many fun memories of Idaho and Utah. Skiing, snowmobiling and tubing are all fun things to do, and you gotta have snow to do then in. So, I guess I should just look forward to that first snowfall and sit back and cuddle up with a blanket and some hot chocolate.

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