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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? Then, Christmas will be right around the corner! I can remember when I was a little girl the time seemed to practically stand still. Not as an adult though. Time really does fly by FAST!

I've been a very busy girl trying to get all my Christmas shopping done.
This year we have one of my husband's sister and her husband for Christmas gifts. While we were in the Bahamas, I shopped a little. I was able to get my brother in law something, but I wanted to make something for my sister in law. I made her a real pretty lanyard for her to wear to work. This (above) is not the one I made. I already have it wrapped and forgot to take a picture of it. It is made of white shell pieces and gold seed beads. I hope she likes it.

In addition to their individual gifts, I plan to put together a frame with some of my Letter Pics...of their name.

In case you can't figure out what it is SOARD. You see these all over, and they are very pricey. I figured I can do them. I take pictures of letters everywhere I go. I found a lot of letters on our Bahamian cruise, as I had planned to hunt for them during our trip. I will be doing one for us as soon as the holidays are all over with. I plan to use more tropical pictures of "letters" I got during that time.

I shopped of other people while on our cruise, but I know they will read this, so I will not share with you what I got them. It wasn't much, just a little something.

One thing I saw while we were on our cruise that "I" really like were some gorgeous conch shell carved hibiscus earrings. I really wanted them, but they were kinda pricey, so I didn't get them. 

I've been looking for something that maybe I could just put together my own earrings with. This is sorta like what saw made up in earrings. After Christmas, I might order some of these and put together a pair of earrings. Aren't they pretty? Hopefully they will have some.

I like to try to be creative in my gift giving. I am by FAR not done with my gifts, so I best get myself busy. I need to have everything bought and wrapped in two weeks; and, like I said, time goes by way too FAST!

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