Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, November 5, 2012

Stormy Weather

This past weekend my husband and I took a quick trip down to visit with his mom. Muzzle loading season was open, and he wanted to hunt. He had asked me to come along. I had some stuff to do, so I brought it with me. I got quite a bit done.
Here is one of the many pieces I made while I was there. I took a break from my jewelry making to take some pictures. When I went outside it was very warm. Probably in the mid 70's; quite warm for November.
As I stepped off the porch I heard some thunder rumbling in the background, and then I noticed the skies.
The beauty of the fall and the storms in the background made some nice photography.
This is an old log home on my in laws property. I believe it is well over 100 years old.
I was enjoying taking pictures, but then I felt I needed to head in before I got wet. In the south, storms can sneak up on you and I didn't want that happening to me. 
Before I headed in, I just had to take a picture of our new ride. Isn't she cute? Not long after I got into the house, the rain let loose. I noticed my husband coming up the street and he ran in the house behind me. Then all of the sudden.....
Yep, that there is hail (you are suppose to say that with a thick Southern accent). 
Oh no!!!!! My car, my new car!!!! Well, new to us, but anyway, Bill ran out to put it under the carport. By the way you see the lady bug on the one piece of hail in the above picture? I didn't notice that until I put these on the computer, haha!
So, I guess you can say we had a little bit of excitement. As quick as the storm came, it left. And, thank goodness, the only thing it left behind were cold temperatures. 

Now time for me to go drink my hot chocolate.

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