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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beautiful Animals

Just got back from a long trip...about 4000 miles in all. You might think that was a long hard trip, but it actually was not that bad. The worse thing...leaving my baby boy (I know he really isn't a baby anymore; 18 years old). He is now a college student in Idaho...brrrr! Yes it was cold...16 BELOW...but that is another blog.

Our first day on the road was 16 1/2 hours to Denver. We stayed with some friends and had a great time renewing our friendship. It had been awhile since we have seen them. Sure is nice when you can pick right up where you left off...almost 20 years ago.

The boys took a skiing trip on New Years Day. The girls, well we had a great time playing with animals.
Aren't these just the cutest things? I am a succor for animals, especially puppy dogs!!!
I was in heaven!
This little guy crawled up on my leg and fell asleep. Who can resist!?
After we played around with the dogs, we had lunch, then went out to visit with some horses. I LOVE horses. I always wanted one growing up, but never got to have one. I just enjoyed all my friends horses.
When we first got out to where the horses were, they just looked at us like we were crazy. I think we probably were, because it was REALLY cold outside.
Finally, they came, but the mule on the left of this picture was not happy. Something was really bothering her and she ran around and bucked and bucked. I was a bit overwhelmed.
This mule came right up to me and was so sweet. He just loved to be loved. His name was Steve. Isn't that a fun name for a mule?
Everyone finally calmed down and we were able to enjoy our visit with these gorgeous creatures.
Well, soon, we all decided to get back in the car and head back, and also to warm up a bit.
I'd like to thank my old friend for taking me out to visit with some fun animals and introduce me to a new friend who is lucky enough to enjoy these animals daily.

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