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Friday, May 24, 2013


Not too long ago, my sister saw these bags and fell in love. She became a consultant and told me all about them. I ordered some and have also fell in love.  See the bag on the left? Well, I ordered that exact one and have used it several times. I first took it on our cruise, and now it is my pool bag.  Let me tell you....it holds A LOT!!!!

I go to the gym everyday. Most days, before I head to the pool I have a class. Afterward, I change into my bathing suit and swim, so this thing NEEDS to hold a lot. On a typical day, after I change into my swim suite, I will have three towels, my exercise clothes, shoes, my cover up, goggles, swim gloves, a small container of coconut oil for my hair, sunscreen, AND my purse (which is pretty big).  Yes, it all fits.
For the month of May, which is almost over, there is a special that I want to get in on. If you buy $31 worth of stuff, you get half off on any thermal. I want to get this big guy. It holds A LOT. It's the Thermal Market Tote and you should see all the stuff my sister got in her's! She had two containers of half and half, milk, scallions, strawberries, lettuce, two things of feta cheese, cilantro, a bunch of cucumbers and a bunch of lunch meat. All that with quite a bit of room to spare. The handles are sturdy for this type of thing.

I am having a quick party, from now until Thursday (30 May 2013). If you are local, let me know, if not and you want to order, let me know too and I will send you the link. For non local people, it will be an extra $4 to be delivered right to your door.

By the way, all the stuff from Thirty-One is VERY durable!

I will probably be hosting another party in June because of this cool new pattern...
I am wanting the Large Utility Tote in the flip flop pattern and it will only be available in that pattern in June, and if you order $35 worth of stuff, you can get it for $10. Those large totes are great for a lot of things. I plan to use it for the back of my car so I don't have a mess of things rolling around back there, like balls, groceries, etc....


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