Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jadyn!!!

Yesterday, we had a really nice time at my great niece's birthday/pool party. I can't believe how cool this summer has been! We had very little sun and it was just a tad bit nippy. I was a little nervous about the water. But!!!! It was 86 degrees...the water that is. It felt soooo nice!
I was in the pool for quite awhile; long enough to get wrinkly fingers and toes. I was not looking forward to getting out, so my sister in law and I just treaded water for a loooong while.....
Finally, I got out and put on dry clothes. The kids were still in the pool and I just sat there watching and taking pictures. I really find it hard to believe that I have GREAT nieces and nephews. For a minute there I felt as if I was watching our kids, and my sister in law's kids. Unbelievable how the time has gone by!
We don't have grandchildren yet, but someday we will. We were late in starting our family, and will be late in getting grandkids; but that's ok, I think that is maybe why everyone think's I'm younger, because our kids are younger.
Something else I enjoyed while sitting there in my own little world was all the beautiful flowers and other plants in their garden. In all it was just a very nice day.....!

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