Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As I have mentioned before, we have moved...A LOT! Every place we have lived, and a lot of places we have visited, we hear the same ole thing, "We have the craziest weather!" 
Since I've been pretty much all over the United States, I can say, every state has it's wild weather. Being from Florida, I have witnessed hurricanes, tornadoes, and very hot and humid weather. Believe it or not, it can get pretty cold too. I know, most of you from the north don't believe it, but I have talked to people who were from very cold states (Idaho, Utah, Colorado), who thought the same thing, until they actually lived in Florida during it's brief winter. I have been told by these people, that they could not believe how cold it was, and agreed that it felt MUCH colder than what the temperature said. "The cold goes right down to the bone!" I believe we can blame that on the humidity.

Awww, the humidity. That is another interesting topic. Most everyone who has been to Flordia knows humidity (unless they have not been there during the summer). The temperatures my say 90's in the summer, but factoring in the humidity, it feels much hotter. Ok, so what about this past January when I was in Idaho and it was 16 BELOW with relative humidity of 77%? What!? How is that? My hair was standing on end, every time I touched someone I would shock them, and my skin was shedding like a snake. How can that be? I mean 77% relative humidity?  Key word---RELATIVE.  Also you need to factor in the dew point.
There is a really good article that explains it here.

Basically, 77% relative humidity in higher, colder climates, are not the same as 77% humidity in the tropics.

Ok, back to wild weather. It is my opinion, that every state has it's wild weather. I've been in Colorado before when we woke up to frost and very cold temperatures, and by afternoon it was pushing 100. Now that is pretty wild! Now let's take Florida...in most parts, you can pretty much set your watch with the afternoon storms that roll in. I can remember going to the beach as a kid. You better get out there early, because by about 1:00, the storms start rolling in. You could see them coming in from the ocean. Everyone would pack up and head home. By the time I got home (which was less than 12 miles) it would be sunny again. Time to jump in the pool and enjoy some more sun! That was pretty much how our summer went while we were growing up.
I guess no matter where you live, you will always hear people say, that their weather is the craziest. In my opinion, every state has it's crazy weather.

By the way here is a good article about "America's Wildest Weather.

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