Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Can you believe how fast the summer has gone?! I guess being busy helps everything to go fast. I really don't like the summer to go by too fast though. I enjoy the lazy hot days. But, alas, it is about to wrap up. But not before I take my one last trip. This time it's just me. I am tagging along with my two sister in laws and two small children, brother in law, and possibly my mother in law.

It has been on again off again for me, but, unless something drastic happens, I'm going; and I am looking forward to it!  We are taking the 1600 + mile trip in a van. Yep, you read right, we are driving. For the most part, I don't  mind. You see our beautiful country that way.

Whenever we travel out west, I envision the pioneers and all they went through; especially the handcart pioneers. Wow!

I can't even imagine the trials, discomfort and hardships these early settlers went through. I am surprised that our schools don't teach this part of our history; that families (young and old) actually walked, pulling a HAND cart thousands of miles to the west. If you haven't heard about this time in our nations' history, I think you would find it quite interesting...I challenge you to Google search it. :)

Anyway...I am headed to Utah in less than a week. I am going to miss Bill and Scott, but when I get back, our youngest son, Benjamin will be home from college in Idaho. That will be a happy reunion.

Well, tomorrow I will be doing my laundry and packing as I go!

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