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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Less than nine days from right now I will be on a cruise ship with some of my family. Since the last time I cruised, I have become an independent consultant for a company that has some very nice bags. I have accumulated quite the collection and people have asked me if I plan to use any of them on our trip.  Well of course I am...and here is what I plan to take.
When you first board the ship, you will need your purse and some sort of carry on. I am bringing my Organizing Shoulder Bag in gray. I've added a pop of color by tying a pink scarf from Thirty One onto my purse. The pretty purple bag is one of the newest called the Retro Metro Fold Over in Plum Awesome Blossom. I just got it and am excited to use it. I can use both these as a crossbody, so I will be hands free! There is plenty of room for all our basic needs in the Retro Metro Fold Over. Since I can carry my husband's AND my stuff, he can just carry my camera which is in a backpack...both of us will be hands free !!! 
I love my Timeless Memory Pouches (Pink Pop Medallion and Best Buds prints). I use the larger bag to put my shoes in. They each hold two pair of shoes. I won't need the smaller pouches that come with the set for this trip. By the way, these have been used quite a bit, and have held up nicely...they still look new!
This next set was a hostess exclusive at one time. You can't get the Island Demask pattern anymore, but you can still get the Cosmetic Bag Set and the Flat Iron Case separately in other nice prints. I have used the heck out of these and they still look brand new. The biggest bag in the Cosmetic Bag Set has all my hair care stuff, lotions, soap, razor, etc. The smaller bag has all my makeup in it and fits right in the bigger bag, along with all the other stuff in it. They are both a very nice size.
Here is another bag I have used A LOT!!!!! It is the Retro Metro Weekender. Again, it is in the Island Demask, which they don't have. But they have some nice prints available. I love this bag. We will be in Florida a few days before we get on the boat, so I plan to put all the stuff I need (clothes, etc) in this bag. I will probably empty it out and fold it up for later use on the cruise. One does have to do some shopping while on the islands...right? And this bag would be great to put all my excess stuff in it that I accumulate on this trip.
The Large Utility Tote is another great bag! Again, in Island Demask, which they don't carry...can't you tell, I really liked that print, lol.  Anyway, I am taking some Christmas gifts for the family with me, and they will ride in this guy. 
While on the ship, I really don't like to carry a purse, so the Cinch Sac is going to come in very handy. We have a day at the ship's private Island, and I plan to carry this bag along with the Medium Thermal Zipper in Plum Awesome Blossom. I can carry a water bottle and maybe a protein bar. Probably won't need the bar, but since I do have hypoglycemia, I need to have something...just in case.  The thermal bag will keep my water cold and my protein bar from melting while on the beach. The Cinch Sac is in the old Flip Flop pattern which they no longer carry. 
Oh, I just about forgot about my wallet. I love this wallet. It's like a little file cabinet. It has two areas for your cards and money, and in the middle is a zipper coin area, and it all zips up nicely together. 
Maybe this time, I can mark something off my bucket list and go horseback riding on the beach. Doctor wouldn't let me do it last time, since I had just gotten out of the hospital.
Or maybe I'll just be lazy like last time. Lazy is nice...

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