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Friday, October 11, 2013

Ordered My Dulcimer!

I went to my dulcimer group last night...
When I was about 10, I took guitar lessons, other than that....I'm not very musical; except...I can dance.
Some of my friends and I have been attending this group for several weeks.
We've also shopped around for dulcimers and have learned A LOT!!! One...they can be very expensive...and two, you don't want to go too inexpensive, because they are just not fun to play on.
Last night I played on one that I really liked, so I found out where the lady got it, and today...I ordered me one! 
It is from the same company as this one pictured above, and is made of quartersawn sycamore and will have butterflies with morning glories on it.
I should be getting it mid next week! I can't wait!!!

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