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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Ok, ya'll, I'd really like to hear some feedback on this one...
As many of you know, we are--yet again--selling our house. This will make the our 7th house we have sold. Our first house in Nashville, sold quickly. It was a starter home and the market was pretty decent. Our next home in Wilmington, NC sold within days...like the first person who came, bought it. She called it her "dream home." Our next home in Arkansas, went really fast too. Again, the first person came, looked, and paid us CASH. He couldn't get us out of there quick enough. We wound up spending six weeks in a motel until we were able to find our next home in Indiana. 

I loved our home in Indiana. It was perfect for our family of four little stair steps. We even had a nice pool with a deck around it. So many fun memories in that pool and in that home. When my husband lost his job, we found ourselves returning to the South Arkansas/North Louisiana area. Even though he was returning to his old job in Arkansas, we decided to live in Louisiana. We did not wait around to sell the Indiana house, since his new company bought it. I did hear, they had to get rid of the pool and deck area. I guess there aren't too many in North Indiana that want a pool.

Ok, so this brings me to our last two houses. We have such difficulty with selling them, and I believe it has something to do with not just the economy but HGTV. Now, don't get me wrong, I love that channel. It's my go to station, and I find myself there more than any other station. My issue with it is....they make it so hard to sell a house.

I believe that because people have seen so many episodes of...."EWWW, it doesn't have granite counter tops," or "POP CORN CEILINGS!!!!! That's sooooo dated."  Then you hear, " Wow! a 1950's house, how vintage!" Well, how the heck do you think that old house became vintage? Is it dated or vintage? Really!?

Anyway, we just had what I thought was a very successful open house. The weather has been so bad lately, I didn't think anyone would show up. We had seven! Both my Realtor and I were very pleased.  Well, that was the good news, now the bad, they did not like my decor. Yes, they were too fixated on my pictures. My Realtor worked so hard and did such a great job with the adds and all, and then she's told I need to take down all the pictures. Come on, people you are not buying my pictures, you are buying my house.
Now let me make it clear, the pictures they are talking about are not family photos, they are art. And...the art is not funky. Most are beach scenes, or boats in harbor scenes. You see, I grew up in Florida, and I like to decorate my house so I can feel as if home is not too far away. 

I had a similar issue in Louisiana. I would have people come in and comment on my pool table I had in the family area. They could not picture their stuff in that area. Then we took the pool table down, and we'd get, "Oh, they don't have a sectional...not sure we could have our sectional there." It was PLENTY big enough area for a sectional. Then I had the same issue with the pictures. I didn't have enough fleur de lis, I guess. Then when I took them down, someone actually had the gal to say, and get this...."There's no....fru fru? Where's the fru fru?" I'm not lying. My then Realtor and I just laughed...you had too. Fru Fru? what the heck is that anyway? lol
There was plenty of room for a sectional.
I would like to hear what you think about this. Have any of you had similar situations...selling or buying? I've looked at AAAA LOOOOOTTTT of houses in my day, and I have seen it all! I try to not pay attention people's taste. It may not be mine, but there is nothing wrong with their taste, unless there is a naked person in a picture or something, which I have not yet come upon...thank goodness. If everyone had the same tastes it would be a very boring world.

Do you have problems seeing your stuff in a house you are looking to buy? Would it bug you if you went into a house with decorations that depicted the Southwest, and your taste was tropical? Please share your ideas, experiences, etc.

Thank you..... 


  1. When we were looking at houses I had these comments. "Holy cow, do they even know what a vacuum cleaner is?" "Geeze, the walls are cigarette-tar smoke yellow, interesting decor." "Hum, think they clean that litter box every month or so?" I am not kidding. And we were looking at houses in a pretty healthy price-bracket. We ended up buying a home with 1970's decor and brown shag carpeting that was original to the house, built in the 1970's.

  2. lol Oh wow, Yes! We have looked at houses like that before. To think, if it looks like that when you go see it, wonder what it usually looks like :P