Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pennyrile Area Homemakers

Today was a very nice sun shinny day! I had the privilege of escorting several ladies from our homemaking group to a Cultural Arts and Heritage exhibit, where some of us displayed various craft we have made over the last two years. AND...we had a great lunch..oh so yummy!

I've been working hard on a variety of things, and was able to receive several ribbons. 

This piece I received a third place ribbon under Jewelry, Original Design. It is made of glass beads, sari ribbon and lace.
I received another third place ribbon under the Recycled category.
 This bracelet and earring set was made from old telephone wire from the 1960's. It actually came from the Kennedy Space Center when they were redoing all the phone wiring many years ago. It was to be trashed, and my dad was told he could take as much as he wanted.
I've been making all kinds of jewelry from it for years.
I got one second place ribbon in the Mixed Media Jewelry category. this is my daughter in law's necklace I had made for her when she married my son back in September. 
Remember the dulcimer string bracelets I was working on? Well, I entered this one just for the heck of it, and it won a blue ribbon under the Miscellaneous Bead category. 
I entered this Christmas wired crochet/glass bead necklace under the Crochet/Knitting Beading category, and got another blue ribbon!
Isn't this the cutest rubber duckie bead!!!!? Well, for Christmas, our kids drew names and one of my son's got his sister in law who collects rubber duckies. I suggested that he buy these beads and I would make her a necklace. 
It came out so cute, and she LOVED it. She let me put it into the contest, and it got a blue ribbon under the Jewelry, Beaded category. 

After we set up and during the judging, our little group went to a very memorable restaurant called Breezy Hill Farms. OH. MY!!!! I had a very yummy Grilled Apple, Bacon, Ham, Cheddar Sandwich. I decided to try one of their side orders of grape salad. Have you ever had grape salad? Me either, was it ever good. I do believe I found the recipe and will be trying it soon.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got another ribbon. Hello Sonshine...I had a great opportunity to spend some time with a dear friend in Idaho this past January while Bill took the boys snow skiing (I don't do snow very well). Barbara and I spent all of January 1 in her sister's wood shop creating some very fun things, and I was able to receive first place in the Art, Natural...Wood category with one of the pieces I made. 

A fun time was had by all today. This has been my second year going to this event, and I will miss going next year. I will especially miss the great ladies in our stitch group.


  1. Boy, you cleaned up on the ribbons!

    1. Ya, I did have three participant ribbons. Figured, the more I stuff I put in, the bigger chance of me getting a blue ribbon. Now on to state...that is if I'll be here for it ;)