Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, March 21, 2014

Bead Soup 8 is Simmering....

It's that time again....BEAD SOUP BLOG Party!!! YAY!!!!
First I would like to introduce you to my wonderful Bead Soup partner...Tracy Martin of Nutkitten's Handcrafted Jewelry . You should go pay her a visit and see what nice stuff she makes.
Before I show you all the neat ingredients I got from Tracy, I'd like to show you what I sent her. 

I have had a couple of these strands of flowers for awhile. I love them, and decided to share a strand with Tracy.
I also had a couple of strands of these purple beads and decided to share them too. As I was digging around in my stash, I saw that I had a matching focal, so I threw that in.
I've just started making paper beads, and wanted to throw a few in to see what Tracy thought of them. These are a few of my first batch, and I hope to get better at it. I'm working on batch three.
My last bead soup partner, Tammie Everly, sent me sari ribbon, I had never used it before, but now I love it.  I decided to see if Tracy would like to try some and then also threw in some lace.

Ha! Just realized the name of my last two partners....Tracy and Tammie are the names of my two sisters. Tracey and Tammy, spelled different, but same name. That is funny....and weird.

Ok, so on with the ingredients.

Here's a fancy clasp

There is a store I like to go to that has all their jewelry for $1. It is not top quality, obviously, but some of it I like to take apart and repurpose. I decided to see what they had available, and I found a couple of things, one of which is the necklace above. I love the turquoise look of the focal.
Then I saw this. I love tropical/nautical stuff, and figured I'd through this in the soup too. These were just for fun pieces that she can either repurpose, or wear, or whatever...heck for $1?
So, there you have it. It is very random, I know, but I figured it gives her a lot to choose from. I hop she likes it!
Ok, now for what Tracy sent me. As I go through the ingredients, I want to you to look at the similarities.  It's kinda funny...
The first thing I opened were these focals. Hmmm purple. How funny is that!? By the way, the lighting really doesn't show the true color of purple very well, I have found. At least some purples...
More purple, lol. I guess we both like purple.

These are pretty cool. My daughter's wedding was done in butterflies, so I know she will like these; and I like them too.
Here are a couple of fun clasps, beads, earring wires, and wire. Silver is my favorite.
So there is my soup from Tracy. I've been gone for the last two weeks, and was worried my package would get misplaced, but it didn't.

Well, I better get to working on my soup.


  1. Hi Terry! I could have swore those purples matched (focals and beads). Is it just the pics or am I semi-color blind? lol

    1. They are not the exact color, but the work together. Sometimes the lighting is not the best. I've been working on some stuff, and they look great!