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Monday, March 31, 2014

One Year After That Nasty Appendix

Just about a year ago (April 9), I started having some abdominal pain. It was during General Conference, so, I just took it easy thinking it would go away. The next morning, Monday, I got up feeling a little better, but as the day went on I started feeling bad again. It was not too bad, so I just put up with it. My husband had come home for lunch and told me I needed to go to the doctor. We had someone coming to do some repair to our roof, and I didn't have time to mess with going. Later, Bill called to check up on me and insisted I go. It really was not that bad! I finally told him that if he took me, I'd go. In the back of my mind I was wondering if it might be my appendix...nah....it's not that bad....

Finally, I made that trip to the doc, and she sent me over to ER to have a CT scan, and yep, that is what it was...my appendix, and it was pretty bad. This was exactly two weeks before we were scheduled to go on a cruise, so I was a tad bit upset.  The doctor on call was the best, and he assured me that I would be on that boat. 
Surgery went well, and the next morning, the doctor came in and told me, "I was one lucky girl!" As he was removing it, it ruptured. He told me that I better be glad this did not happen while I was out in the middle of the Caribbean. I was VERY happy it did not happen out there.
I was told I would be out of the hospital in no time...well that was not exactly true. I wound up being in there for nine days. My white count was up, meaning I had some type of an infection. I have horrible veins, and so we had issues with my IV, finally they had to put in a pic line. I was actually pretty grateful for it! 
Sorry, but I had to gross you all out, lol
Then they started pumping in the heavy duty stuff...boy, did this make me sick, with this and morphine, I felt AWFUL!!!
At least the weather was cold and rainy, not much I was missing...
And at least I was in pediatrics. The hospital was pretty full, so I was on the best floor.
Nice happy colors, and the nurses were the best...not many patients on that floor during this time, so I got lots of attention and good care.
Soon, I started hurting again, much worse than I had when I first came into the emergency room, so back for another CT scan...infection, ugh! In went a tube in my abdomen and one in my backside. The one in my abdomen came out after a little while, but not the other one. I was so uncomfortable. I couldn't sit, I couldn't lay on my back,  I could only stand or lay on my stomach. After a few days of this, my neck started to kill me. I wanted to go home soooo bad! At least I could stand and walk.
Well, to make a long agonizing story short, I made it on the boat.
I was told not to lift anything for a week. I was basically told to just enjoy my vacation and relax. 
I didn't get to do something that is on my bucket list, but I got to see the horses up close and take some pictures of them....someday.....I will be on a horse riding up and down the beach...someday....
Take it easy, I did, and I enjoyed every minute of being alive, being with my dear husband, and enjoying the sun and beautiful world God created. 

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