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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

House, Please Sell.....

When selling a house, one must stage it. What does that mean? Well, it is decorating, but at a minimum. I read somewhere that you need to sell a lifestyle, but not necessarily your lifestyle.
You want to make your house looks inviting. Since people have such a variety of tastes, you need to be careful. For example, wreaths on a front door are a HUGE no no. Besides, these doors are really pretty, so you don't want to hide them.
You want to show them off.  Everything should look clean, uncluttered and updated.
Especially kitchens. I love my kitchen, and everyone that has looked at our house loves it too. I believe this is probably the greatest selling point of our house; that and the backyard (which after this horrid winter, I need to tend to).

The room just off our kitchen, the one we use for our pool table, is a beautiful room. I have had comments, "Why in the world would they put a pool table in this room?" Well, it is the only room that it will fit in. I know, it is probably another HUGE no no, but our house is big enough were it can stay. Besides, it is a nice pool table. 
With Birch Judges Paneling in the room, it has a masculine side to it, and it has a very nice fireplace.
I love this little half bath. Whoever chose the mirror and vanity did a great job. It definitely is NOT your average little bathroom.
The view out our backyard is spectacular. Currently, I am working on getting our deck area back together again. It just won't stay warm or dry long enough for me to get out there to do anything. Maybe this weekend....
But believe me, it is really nice and we have enjoyed barbecues and eating outside and sitting and having conversations with friends and family in the evening. 
I am not sure why our house has not sold, or why we don't have hardly any traffic coming through. I realize we live in a small town with very little bringing new families in. I didn't expect to see anyone come look until May. We've had about three different families come, and none of them really had any negative except one wanted a master downstairs. I understand that, we would have like that too, but it's hard to find...not sure there are any two stories on the market here with that.
So, I sit. And wait. For that right family to come buy our house. I hope it won't be too long for a number of reasons. The main one is my husband. I hate for our family to be separated. One other reason, is, well, where we are moving....there will be 800 new families moving into the area this summer...yes 800! What does that mean? Housing will go WAY up, and then when everyone is settled, it will go back down. I really do not want to trade my beautiful house for a fixer up postage stamp that will wind up costing us way more than it is worth...or what we will get out of this house, and then... the house going down in value.

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