Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, April 4, 2014


Have you ever felt invisible? I feel invisible a lot of the time, always have and guess I always will. Not sure how to fix that.

Seems there are a lot of us out there...those of us who feel invisible. I was just talking to someone about this the other day, she felt the same.

I can remember when my two sisters and I were growing up...I was the oldest of three girls...how our youngest sister was involved with everything. Head of this, head of that, great grades, talented, etc. She is still that way. Not shy and doesn't hold back. I wish I had some of that. She doesn't have a shy bone in her body, and people notice her...in a good way!

Have you ever stood at a fast food counter for some assistance of any kind, and not been seen? I have. It's a weird feeling. You stand there not wanting to be rude and interrupt to ask for something needed...maybe they are out of ketchup, and you have to ask for some. Even when the restaurant is not busy...you are not seen. It's like they look through you. I guess shy people are more transparent than outgoing people...hmmm...I don't know....

When I do get the nerve up to ask for things, I am then looked at as being rude, even when I'm being nice. Don't understand that either. An outgoing person can barge right up to the counter as if it were nothing, and say something like, "Hey, ya'll are out of ketchup. Can I get some form you?" The worker then just smiles and says,"Sure, here ya go." Like there is nothing to it. Then someone like me comes up, kinda stand-offish (in a shy sort of way), and in a quiet, polite tone asks for that same ketchup, and they look at me like I am in the way. With a great big sigh, they usually say something like, "Ya, just a minute...." Several minutes later there I stand, still no ketchup. 

Why is that?

Who knows...but it gets pretty tiring.

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