Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I am Finally BACK!!!

Yes, I am finally back, on the internet that is. Since our house is still on the market after almost a year, and we are paying for two living places. We have been trying to cut back as much as possible. BUT!!! It has gotten to a point that one can hardly function without the internet...pretty sad, don't you think?

Every time I call a business I am told I "can do that on the net." Yes, I know this, people, the problem is I do not have access. Then they would pause, and then continue, "Well, you know it's much easier to use the internet." "Yes, I know this, the problem is I do not have it," I would replay, then they would go on as if that is impossible for anyone to not have.

Having a small business, one really needs to be able to get on to the world wide web. I have done ZERO business with my Thirtyone bags since the first of August because of no internet. This should be the time of year I do most of my business, but oh well.

Today, will be a day of cleaning out my almost 20,000 unread emails. Ya, I know :P right? I will be catching up on all the gossip on Facebook. And, I will be emailing people and trying to fix the mess the hackers made with my email. Another :P right?

Oh, and I am hoping today will be day of finding out we have a contract on our house. We lowered our price WAAAAAAYYYY down last week. Below what we needed to break even (ugh), and the next day we had two families come look. Yes, more than we have had in over a month, like two more than that. One decided they wanted a bigger house (really? 3100 is not big enough, most people think it's too big oh well). The other said they were going to let us know Monday. It's Tuesday. I have a call into the realtor. I'm guessing I probably already have my answer, but I'm not giving up hope....

Well, here's to life! I love life, even the ups and downs. I guess if it were not for the downs, the ups would not be as great.

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