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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Small Places

Living in a small apartment has its challenges! We STILL have not sold our home in Kentucky yet. The job market in that little town up there is really bad, and so very few newbies are moving in. That's too bad, because I love that place. It really is not that small, but it is not too big either. 

So, back to small apartments....

Laundry is a bear to do at the laundromat. Since we've been in temporary housing, we wash our clothes about every two weeks, so when we go we have a boatload. We usually use five or six machines. I am careful to sort everything, but some of my finer clothes I've had to throw in with the other stuff, and I have noticed my clothes are looking pretty raunchy. 

My husband and I are playing with the idea of bringing our washer and dryer down. The only thing is, I'm not sure we have the room. So...we have been rearranging the apartment to see if we do. Mind you, all thoughts of our place looking nice by doing ANY sort of decorating is out of the question. This place is totally for FUNCTION.

We moved half our kitchen into our tiny living room. Our poor son, who is home from college until January has to sleep on the couch, so the living room is his bedroom, part kitchen, part living room, part office...and it is a very tiny room.  I know I will look back on this time and laugh.

The kitchen is about 5 X 9. We have a small hot water heater in there, stove, fridge, and about two feet of counter top...no joke. Hey, at least we now have a stove/oven that works. When I came down to stay, I had a talk to the landlord. She is pretty nice, I like her. I guess my husband really did not need a workable stove/oven. When he did, he just got out his Coleman stove or used the small oven we have...men ARE from Mars, lol.

So, will our washer and dryer fit? I'm really not thinking they will, but we are going to try. Not only is it a hassle to go to the laundromat, but it is expensive too (and hard on your clothes). Tonight, we will do a little bit more rearranging and measuring. We are planning on taking a trip up to TN/KY to check on our house and for my husband to do some hunting, so we will make the decision after we measure the machines. Part of me want them to fit, another part does not, because it is pretty crowded in this tiny apartment. 

Hey! It is only temporary, and it will make me appreciate whatever house we do get, because most anything is going to be better than this roughly 230 square foot apartment. 

Ya know what?! There are a lot of people who live in small places in big cities such as New York, etc. If they can do, I can do it!!!!!

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  1. Yes, you CAN do it! (Though, I hope for your sake that you can fit your w/d. I'd give anything to have one in my home!)