Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, October 31, 2014


My mom doesn't call me Grace for no reason. I have always been pretty much a klutz. We have a joke in our family...we might be able to dance, but we can't walk. Even my daughter, who is a very talented dancer and yoga instructor is pretty clumsy. 

Last night, after I finished doing the dishes, I grabbed a spoon to take my liquid vitamins. I was not watching what I was doing, and sliced my thumb on the very sharp brand new Cutco knife we just bought. I can testify that these knives are VERY sharp. I bled all over the place and F-O-Rever!!!

Thirty minutes later, it occurred to me that I might have an oil for that. I rummaged around to see what oils I had, and I remember someone telling me that Lavender was good for cuts. I looked it up in my trusty book, and sure enough that's what it said in there too. I put some on, went to bed, and this morning, it looks like a little scratch. Amazing!

Yep, another success story with essential oils!

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