Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dry Gulch February 2016 Color Challenge

These last few months, I have gotten into being more challenged with my creativeness. One way I have been able to do this is through the Dry Gulch Color Challenges.

When I saw this month's colors, I got all giddy inside! I LOVE these colors! Soft Moss, Pale Butterscotch, Baby Pink, Faded Barn and Gray are the colors that we are challenged to use in a piece. It can be a jewelry piece, or some other item. I even saw someone make a coffee cup one time! How cool is that? So, pretty much anything goes.

I immediately started digging around my stash of beads. The first thing I thought of was some of my paper beads I recently made. These were made from a magazine, and then tripled dipped in a special glaze that makes them water resistant, and shiny.
These paper beads have most of the colors in the challenge...gray, pinks and moss.
Then I came across these pink wire beads. I have been saving them for something special. I think they represent the Faded Barn color perfectly.
When I first saw the challenge colors, I felt as if the piece needed pearls and crystals. I decided to use these glass butterscotch pearls. Then, I dug around in my crystals, and came across these babies. Never really have been able to pin point the color, as they are kinda gray, kinda mossy, kinda lavender, and definitely have an Aurora Borealis glow about them. These crystals were put in between each bead on this necklace.

I decided to use these sea turtles because I love all things pertaining to the beach and tropical. I also came across these gray glass pearls and thought they would be a great addition. Now, one more thing, my baby  pink....

These faceted baby pink crystal beads were perfect...and I love how the Aurora Borealis crystals look next to that soft pink, you can really see all the different colors in them. Click on the picture for an better look see...

So, after I got all my beads gathered, I just sat there and looked at them. Now what? Do I intersperse them throughout the piece? Or not?  Well, one thing I knew for sure, was that I was going to make a pair of earrings using some of those wire beads, Aurora Borealis crystals and sea turtles. So I went ahead and made those and set them aside. Aren't they fun?

Ok, now, I need to decided what I want to do with my beads.

This is what I decided...and I am very pleased! I wanted this necklace to be a bit longer, so I added a little bit of silver chain.

Well, there you have it. My February 2016 Dry Gulch Color Challenge.
I think I might wear this tomorrow to church. I need a pick me up with all this cold weather we have been having, and I think this is just the piece :)


  1. Love the colors and what you did wit them. I am hoping to get to it this month as well

    1. I was so excited to see these as the colors. I was surprised they were February colors, but happy. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Absolutely adorable! Loved reading this blog, thank you!

  3. Thank you! and thank you for stopping by!