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Thursday, February 25, 2016

What Did I Make From the Bead Box Bargain February 2016?

Remember the Bead Box Bargain stash of jewelry making stuff I got for the month of February? Well, I did an unboxing about it on youtube a few days ago

Anyway, I finally was able to make a few pieces with all the pretty stuff I was sent.

The first thing I made was this bookmark. I knew what I wanted to do with these pieces the second I pulled them out of the bag. I used the Lapis crystal and one of the red frosted glass beads to hang on the bookmark finding. This is going to my grand daughter, Crystal Jewel when she is older. 

This next piece uses the Eye of Horus, 10mm lapis beads and 10mm carnelian beads. I used some of the gold colored spacer beads and other beads and then added some small silver tone beads. I  don't wear a lot of gold, so that is why I added the silver. 

The Carnelian stone (rusty orange) is a stone of creativity, courage and individuality, and has protection energies. Lapis also offers protection. In the ancient Egyptian cultures lapis was buried with some of their dead. It was believed to offer protection, and...in some cultures was valued more highly than gold!

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol. It also offers protection in addition to royal power and good health. I loved putting these three things together; carnelian, lapis and The Eye of Horus, because all offer protection. This is something all of us need as we go about our daily activities and travels.

I then had to make some earrings to match....

This last piece I was able to make are made of the frosted red glass beads, turquoise glass beads, and sapphire color glass beads. I also added the big gold rectangular gold beads and added some silver glittery beads I had in my personal stash. 

This month went by so quickly, and with a surprise visit to Florida to see my grand daughter (and her mom and dad), I really didn't have time to do many more pieces. I do have one started and on the drawing board, and some ideas for another pair of earrings. Maybe I'll get those done sometime next week...

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