Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, February 2, 2018

Custom Wire Wrapped Seashell Necklace

Last night, I was creating, and posted a picture of a beaded shell necklace I was in the process of putting together. Soon, I had a few comments, and one of them told me she loved scallops. So...I posted this picture of a scallop I had on hand.

Then she told me I should post pictures of beads I have and let people pick out what beads they want in a piece of jewelry. What a great idea! I told her that I have made jewelry for people who showed me an outfit they just bought, and I love doing stuff like that.  After sending pictures and brainstorming as to what she wanted, we came up with carnelian, rose quartz, and some white beads I have that are actually made of crushed sea shells. They went perfect with the scallop shell!

I wrapped the shell with some silver tone wire and laid out the beads. It was getting late, so I set them aside until this morning. 

Ta da!!!!! What do you think? I love it, and so does she! She had also asked if I could make a pair of earrings to go with the set, and I just happened to have those same beads in a little bigger size. She wanted a more substantial earring, so these are perfect. 

These colors are prefect together! When you look up the properties of these crystals, they go quite nicely, as they are calming stones. 

I love the look of them together. This set will be great for summer, and will take her right into fall. She lives close to the ocean, so this is a perfect set for her. She told me she has a cute summer dress to go with them. Hope she sends a picture, because I can't wait to see her wear it. 

The necklace is about 24" long plus the 2 1/2" long shell, so it is a great length. I added a fancy toggle clasp, which makes it easy to put on.

So, what do you think?

I love working with natural stones and wire wrapping shells. I also love looking for the shells, because one of my favorite places to be is at the beach!

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Whether she cruises the high seas on a ship, hang tens on a surfboard or just likes a quiet walk along the shores...Wearing a creation from TappingflamingoBling will keep her favorite places close to her heart and soul


  1. What a cute set. I love the colors and that shell is amazing.

    1. Thank you! I love making these beaded wire wrapped shell necklaces. I just finished one today.