Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Another Bead Swap!!!!

I am a little excited! Why? Well, I am going to be doing another bead swap! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

So what is a bead swap, some of you might be asking? Well, it is when you get paired up with another person who loves to make jewelry. You send them a bunch of beads, and they send you a bunch. Then you create with what you got, and blog about it!

I have actually done a few of these swaps, and usually, I am sent things that challenge me. That is a good thing. 

Some pieces I created a long time ago, and still wear them, like this beaded wire wrapped shell necklace. 

I've even won competitions with some of the beads I've been sent. 

I just found out who my partner is late last night. I am looking forward to "meeting" her. Of course it will be through Facebook, Instagram, and email, as I live in Louisiana and she is in Indiana. Hey! I use to live in Indiana! We already have something in common.

Stay tuned for more bead swap! Reveal is in less than two months!