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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Been a Busy Girl

I've been a little busy these past few days because my mom and dad are here to visit. They will be leaving in a couple of days, and I will be very sad, but for now, Mom and I are enjoying our time together.

Yesterday we went to the mall and out to lunch. We wound up a Applebee's and tried one of their Weight Watchers meals. Cajun-lime Tilapia. It was really yummy, and there was quite a bit to eat. It was suppose to be 310 calories. The tilapia was coated in cajun seasonings and grilled, topped with a salsa made of black beans, corn and tomato. The fish was served over a small bed of rice. On the side was a delicious serving of broccoli.

After our lunch we headed to the mall. Before we shopped, we took a brisk 30 minute walk. We really did not buy too much. Mostly looked around and talked. Mom and I like to talk. We have been dicussing how to best loose some weight. She has been using the Flat Belly Diet Book, which has some really good ideas and recipes. I've been looking into it myself, in fact, I bought the book yesterday, because we have been cooking out of it this week, and so far, I like everything we have tried. It follows the LA diet pretty closely, but seems easier because you have four, 400 calorie meals daily. I've actually lost a little bit of weight this week, and that is with going out to eat for lunch two times. I may be switching over to this program.

Well, today, we are going to one of my walking buddies for lunch. Hopefully, she will making something healthy and yummy. I am expecting she will, as she is wanting to loose a little weight too. She has been following the Weight Watchers Program. That is another good weight loss program. Most any program is good, if it teaches you to change your eating habits. It must be a lifestyle change....

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